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Small and Extra Narrow Glasses 

own lenses fitted into new glasses frame

200 small and narrow sizes to try Instore

We can help with smaller glasses frame styles !
At Ilkeston Factory Specs we specialise in (unusually) small or narrow glasses frames.
We proudly display a large range of unusual sized glasses, we're all different and we've noticed a shortage of just the right sized glasses for individuals who might fall outside of the generic glasses sizes commonly found in main stream optical chain stores.
Glasses start with our unbranded affordable ranges right up to our high end designer glasses frames in smaller yet current and the latest glasses styles.
If you've struggled to find extra small glasses with a choice, we've gone out of our way to make sure we have glasses to fit you. Book a Free appointment or call into store for the next available, and find the most comfortable pair of extra small or narrow glasses frames in the Nottingham or Derby area.


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