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About Glasses Measurements

What accurate measurements are needed when making glasses up correctly ?

Accurate measurements are the key to great clear vision and comfort

Read about our Instore measuring service

Our technicians instore
are qualified to take all the accurate measurements needed to make you the perfect pair of prescription glasses. 

Single vision or Bifocal, through to Varifocal lenses
require accurate Pd (pupil distance) measurements and also lens height settings. We have the latest technology to take these measurements as well as many years of experience (best practice and industry standards) in measuring you up for the perfect pair of glasses to your prescription. 

We all to often resolve problems for patients
who have poor vision through there glasses (when bought from an opticians shop with staff that are perhaps less experienced than you might think) Often, we find the problems stem from incorrectly set or measured spectacle lenses when fitted to the frames. It goes without saying that these measurements are essential and must be accurate. We guarantee to take accurate measurements and the greatest of care when fitting spectacle lenses to the frames chosen, ensuring the best vision possible, the most attractive lenses possible and that the glasses meet expectations.

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