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Branded & Unbranded Lenses

high quality varifocal lenses and reglaze my glasses frame derbyshire

Ilkeston factory specs are authorised stockists of many branded and unbranded spectacle lenses supplied to industry standards. We don't test eyes but manufacture and supply our own and also branded lenses to trade and public through our Boutique bricks and mortar store and websites. You will need to bring your prescription to us to make your spectacles and lenses at affordable prices. We supply high quality lenses in all our spectacles including Single Vision, Bifocal and varifocal lenses. Lenses are available with every type of coating including glare resistant coatings, react to light coatings, computer and tech device blue glare reduction coatings, tints and hard coatings.

Branded lenses are more expensive due to their position in the market. We sell high end branded lenses as a complete pair of glasses only and don't offer reglaze own frame options with high end branded lenses. 
We specialise in most complex and high prescriptions and can offer excellent advice on the right frames and ultra thin lenses to make your glasses more cosmetically attractive and comfortable to wear.
Branded and unbranded lenses are available
in standard thicknesses and also thinner lens materials for those with a stronger prescription

1.5 index plastic
lenses are suitable for prescription from 0.25 up to 2.00 dioptres

1.6 index plastic thin lenses
are best suited to prescriptions above 2.5 and below 4.5 dioptres to thin the lenses down by up to 24%.

1.67 index plastic ultra thin lenses
are suited for prescriptions over 4.5 dioptres to about 8.5 dioptres. These lenses have a little more edge distortion due to the powers being dropped towards the outer edges for best cosmetic results.

1.74 index plastic super thin lenses
are better used with very strong prescriptions. Coating options are more limited and outer edge distortion is greater still. These index lenses are best used with the understanding that vision tends to be forward but bands widths are not as wide as lower index lenses.

1.7 glass/1.8 glass/1.9 glass
lenses are used to make lenses even thinner and have superb vision qualities but must only be used with the right frame types and with care for weight and safety reasons. This type of glass lens is only used rarely these days but results can be exceptional. The glass react-to-light rapid lens also has exceptional qualities.

We offer Single Vision, Bifocal and varifocal lenses with the very latest back surfaced digital designs for HD vision and wide visual fields as standard. We sell Standard/ Wide and Ultra Wide varifocals, to give different price points and the right package for you. These lenses have mid/ wide and very wide bands of vision.

Bifocals come in various sizes and different shape types.
The most common bifocal we supply is a "D" segment shaped bifocal with the area under the eye looking like an upturned upside down D and is 28mm wide made in plastic.
There is also a bifocal type that has a segment that looks like the top of a two pence piece. This is called a round segment plastic bifocal and has two widths in size. A round 28mm and a round 34mm wide bifocal reading piece. We supply both these two types of bifocal.
We also supply an Executive bifocal which has the whole of the bottom of the lens dedicated to reading, the top to distance. The two parts of the lenses are divided completely in half and has the widest reading area of all the bifocal lenses available.
Needless to say, we take care of all the important measurements needed to make a pair of glasses for you free of charge instore. 

Bespoke tinting instore
We tint all our unbranded lenses instore and offer almost any colour and graduated tints on our lenses if required. We also alter, darken or lighten tinted lenses instore.

All our Varifocal lenses are HD digital design lenses
for high quality vision. Unlike many supermarkets and chain opticians we ensure we only supply the best quality varifocal lenses throughout our ranges and right up to Carl Zeiss bespoke and tailor made prescription lenses.

Call into store and speak to our technicians
or book an appointment without obligation.

Help choosing lenses
1.5 index standard single vision lenses:
These lenses often come free with glasses or at a small charge. The lens thickness is standard so might show a thick centre for + prescriptions or thick outer edges for minus prescriptions. The lens thickness is not generally a problem or particularly noticeable unless the powers of the prescription needed is higher than average (above 2 dioptres on Sph's) If the frame picked is particularly large on the eye size (which can lead to thicker centres or edges) then it might be worth considering the next lens up. This is called a 1.6 index lens and is approx 24% thinner than a 1.5 index lens.

1.6 index thin lenses: 
As stated above, these lenses are best used with a slightly stronger prescription. They offer a flatter more cosmetically pleasing thinner alternative to the 1.5 index standard lens. They are approx 24% thinner than standard lenses. These lenses offer an additional bonus, they usually come already anti glare coated. This makes the lenses less noticeable in the frame as they don't mirror light or flash back at the person viewing you, and give you an anti glare advantage, especially when driving at night and using your phone, pc etc.

1.67 ultra thin lenses:
Approx 34% thinner than standard lenses and much flatter. Cosmetically superior to 1.5 or 1.6 index lenses. These lenses are used for stronger prescriptions or wearers who want light weight lenses. These lenses also generally come with an anti glare coating. If you want very light weight, flat, cosmetically pleasing glasses you should consider these lenses.

1.56 index Photochromic (plastic) sun reactive lenses:
These lenses are slightly thinner than standard single vision lenses. They come with a sun reactive coating and a hardened coating. These lenses react to UV light and get darker quickly when the UV is high outside for example. These lenses return to their original virtually clear state when no UV is present like indoors. The lenses available are in Brown or Grey. Points to note. Very little reaction takes place in a car behind the windscreen. This is because UV cannot generally penetrate a modern car windscreen. These lenses don't react as quickly in low temperatures. There is a lifespan where the lenses are at peak performance. The Lifespan is according to the manufacturer around 2 to 3 years, at which point the colour stays more apparent in the lenses, although they will still react.

1.5 index Tinted lenses: 
These lenses are standard lenses with a permanent tint absorbed into the lens through to the centre. This tint process ensures that the tint colour won't wear off. The colour is permanent and won't change if exposed to uv. These lenses are ideal for sunglasses or just with a cosmetic pale tint for effect.

1.5 index Standard Varifocals:
Entry level varifocals with some side distortion and an average reading area. These lenses are a standard thickness.

1.5 index Wide Elite Varifocals:
A superior option to Standard varifocals for a little more money (our view probably worth the extra)These lenses are a standard thickness but can be pre-calibrated (made flatter and a little thinner) at no extra cost. The width of vision is wider than Standard Varifocals. Less outer edge distortion is noticeable and the reading area is also wider for ease of use.

1.5 index Ultra Wide Varifocals:
One for the perfectionist. These lenses are pre-calibrated back surface HD lenses. They offer superb wide band vision with very little edge distortion. The band width for long distance/mid range and reading is wide and the downward progression smooth. If you have the money to spare this lens is worth the extra.

1.6 index Thin Ultra Wide Varifocals: 
As above but also thinner. These lenses are flatter and thinner than 1.5 index lenses. We combine the high quality varifocal design above with a thinner lens option. The material used is stronger and flatter. We automatically pre-calibrate these lenses too.

1.67 index Ultra Thin Ultra Wide Varifocals: 
The Creme de la Creme of our Varifocal lenses. Ultra thin lenses with superior design for the widest band of distance/mid and reading vision. These lenses are exceptionally light weight, flat and thinner than our other options. Suitable for stronger to high prescriptions. Superb quality varifocals at a great price.


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