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Non Tolerance Guarantee's

Decided to try varifocal lenses ? One pair of glasses or sticking with single vision lenses. A decision to make ? it's totally up to you !

The pros: 

1 pair of glasses to see at all distances.

No need to carry several pairs of glasses around with you.

No lines or visible marks to show they are a multifocal lens.

95% of wearers successfully tolerate varifocals.


The cons:

Varifocals can take some time for you to adjust to even if you've had them before. 

There are many different designs of varifocal and your eyes will take time to adjust from one brand to another.

There is also a small amount of peripheral distortion (although now minimised) unique too and due to varifocal lenses having thinning prism in them unlike other lens types which don't. 


A change of frame, shape and size can take some adjusting to. Reports in the industry say it can take some people a few days to adjust to new lenses and prescriptions, whilst others perhaps with more complex prescriptions can take weeks or even months to properly adjust.


Our Non Tolerance Guarantee:

If you are a first time wearer or trying varifocal lenses for the first time in a while,

we'll give you a 1 month to 6 weeks (from purchase) non tolerance lens guarantee just incase you find you are not tolerant (non tolerant) to varifocal lenses.

We'll exchange your varifocal lenses for single vision distance or reading lenses free of charge.

Unfortunately this does not cover you when a wrong or changed eye test has been prescribed and that we've relied upon in good faith as accurate (see our TOB - the replacement lenses will be to the original prescription). Unfortunately we don't offer a refund for the original varifocals supplied in good faith.


How will I know I'm not tolerant to varifocals:

If you find your vision strange to start off with our advice is that you should wear your varifocals for a month to 6 weeks or so to make sure it's not just a matter of adjustment to your varifocals and frames or your new prescription. You'll know by then if you are going to be able to tolerate varifocals and adjust in a reasonable time or be one of the unlucky few who just aren't tolerant to varifocal lenses.

After this time, if you decide you need too, we'll happily change your lenses to single vision lenses in the original frame free of charge.

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