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About our Quality Glasses

When you buy a frame from us at Ilkeston Factory Specs
you'll be confident and assured to know that:

1. We only sell hand picked quality frames
that we have tried and tested ourselves for durability. Even the cheapest budget friendly glasses frames we supply, are of a higher quality than most opticians budget glasses. Spring hinges are standard on almost all our spectacle frames, quality metals and plastics, and general manufacture and design of the glasses are high. We only sell glasses frames that we are happy to supply and have been carefully considered before we put them on our shelves for sale.

2. All our glasses frames come with a guarantee
and we are able to offer the guarantee as authorised stockists of all the glasses frames we sell. We have accounts with all the main glasses frames manufacturers in the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria and across Europe and the United States of America.

3. All our glasses are stamped and meet the criteria for sale in the UK
We don't buy or import frames from countries such as China etc.

4. All our frames are brand new
We don't resell returns etc.

5. We have many frames that are made from special materials
Polyamide is used for sports eyewear frames in many of our glasses frames for strength and durability. Pure Titanium for glasses frames that are strong, very light weight and anti reactive with skin acids etc. Mixed titanium and cobalt frames that give a memory and elasticity to the glasses frames, meaning very hard wearing and durable glasses. Sustainable plastics that are made from waste plastic from the sea etc and bio degradable plastics to protect the environment. Many high quality luxury glasses are made from acetate which doesn't become brittle over time, and is not injection molded but laser cut from a block, removing weak points as the frames are made in one piece. This gives far greater durability and longevity of lifespan of the glasses frames, and a beautiful shine and luxury look to the frames.

6. Lastly, we stock more
more styles, more budget friendly, more prestige luxury and designer branded glasses, more sizes, large or small and more colours. We offer more options at affordable prices, and specialise in statement designer glasses for those that want unique glasses and eyewear.

Our glasses are not the usual chain opticians offerings
we don't offer glasses for the masses, but a high quality product, frames and lenses, glasses you'll love to wear that will last. Glasses that you can't find in your opticians. Bring your eye test after booking the appropriate (if needed) appointment with us and we'll "see you proud"


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