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Reglazes and Reframes

Inside Ilkeston Factory Specs Boutique Eyewear store

At Ilkeston Factory Specs we specialise in bespoke services to save you money.
We are happy to offer a Reglaze of your existing glasses frames saving you the cost of purchasing a new frame. We can even reglaze new frames you buy from elsewhere. We offer service both instore and online and some reglazes can be done while you wait.

We also uniquely offer a Reframe service also saving you money. You can use your old existing glasses lenses and we'll reshape or recut them if necessary, so that they fit one of our new glasses frames. This service is available while you wait instore and also online.

Book a Free appointment or call into store for the next available appointment for reglazes and reframes in our Laboratory in the Nottingham and Derby area.
Alternatively, place an order first, then send your glasses frames and lenses to us in the post.


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