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Titanium light & flexible glasses

Flexon glasses at Ilkeston Factory Specs

New 80 + Authorised Styles Instore

 At Ilkeston Factory Specs we specialise in titanium glasses frames. We proudly display a large range of titanium glasses frames from lower cost unbranded to high end designer titanium glasses frames.
The advantages of titanium used as a material in the manufacture of spectacle frames are many.
Titanium is usually hypo allergenic. Whilst it's not totally guaranteed you won't have a skin reaction to titanium metals, it is very rare. Titanium has a very low nickel content. Most metal frames that are not made of titanium have a higher Nickel content which is the cause of reactions with some peoples skin acids causing skin burn as well as discolouring of the frame and peel of finishes. 
Titanium comes as pure titanium and mixed titanium (we stock both) with other metals such as Cobolt which is used in flexi memory metal frames.
Titanium offers maximum light weight comfort as well as being exceptionally strong and durable.

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