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Rimless Dario Martini

Dario Martini rimless Prescription Glasses in derby or nottingham uk

Dario Martini to Oakley and Porsche Design Rimless glasses

We sell and specialise in stocking 100's of Rimless glasses styles
displayed in our high street Boutique in Ilkeston.

We are unique in Ilkeston town to be the largest stockist of over 100 rimless glasses including designer brands of rimless eyewear including Dario Martini rimless, Oakley titanium rimless and Porsche Design titanium rimless glasses.

High quality rimless frames
made to any size and shape you may want. Tints and coatings are available as are single vision and varifocal lenses in 1.6 extra strong lens plastic material for longevity of wear.

We are the areas rimless specialists
and sell complete rimless glasses and also reglaze and fit just lenses into your own rimless frames.
Book yourself in with us online.


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