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Flexon Designer Glasses Stockists

Flexon designer glasses stockist
Flexon titanium designer glasses stockists

We are Eyewear Specialists. Try our Authorised Eyewear with a Great Choice & Service - 1 Styling Consultation in our Reserved Eyewear Boutique Includes all Brand Name Glasses In-store.

Authorised Titanium Flexon Designer Glasses Stockists - the magic of Flexon titanium glasses is in the material used for every pair of Flexon glasses. Our frames feature advanced memory metal in the bridge and/or temples that allows them to be flexed and returned to their original shape. The result? A pair of glasses that are more durable and lightweight than ever before! Flexon fits like a dream, feels amazing and forgives your every move. Flexon glasses are made from a titanium and cobalt metal mix which offers flexibility with a memory. Flexon by Marchon Eyewear is the market leader of this technology and is superior to cheap immitations. Book a consultation in-store and choose from over 40 current Authorised Flexon glasses styles for men and women. We'll demonstrate why we are so confident with Flexons durabilty, light weight appeal, comfort and hypo-allergenic properties. Upgrade your style and buy yours today !

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