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How to enter your prescription

The easiest and quickest way to let us know about your prescription details is to simply upload a picture of it and submit it to us. You'll be able to upload your prescription once you've chosen and placed the products you want to purchase in your cart. There is a tab "enter prescription here" at the head of your cart page enabling you to upload or manually enter your prescription. Click it, upload your prescription, and click the "return to cart" tab and submit your order.

Alternatively you can manually enter your prescription details or contact us later with the details. This is what you need to do to enter your prescription manually:


1:  Enter your name, email, and choose your pd measurement option.

This is the measurement of the width of your eyes right pupil to left in mm. You can measure this for yourself with a ruler in the mirror, ask your optician, or choose our standard option. This tells us how wide apart your eyes are so that we can set the datum centre (sweet spot) of the prescription lens directly over your pupil for best vision.


2: SPH. (Starting with the right eye or "R"). This is the magnification power of the lens. This can be in a + or - form. Choose the option from the list that is indicated on your prescription. You can choose a SPH from 0 or nothing up to + or- 6 (6.00) dioptres. The options always go up or down in 0.25 increments as does your prescription. Be sure to pick the right + or - measurement. If you have a SPH measurement above + or - 6 we do not supply your prescription online.

3: CYL. This is a curve on the back of your lenses for fine tuning your vision. You don't always need or have a CYL measurement ( pick no or 0 if you don't have a CYL indicated ) If you do have a CYL measurement indicated this can be in a + or - form. Choose the right option indicated on your prescription. You can choose a CYL from 0 nothing up to + or - 4 (4.00) dioptres. The options to choose from always go up or down in 0.25 increments as does your prescription.

Usually the CYL measurements come with the opposite + or - sign to the SPH, but not always. Be sure to pick the right + or - measurement as this is very important. If you have a CYL above + or - 4 we do not supply your prescription online.

4: AXIS. This tells us the degree of rotation the lens needs to be turned before being fitted to the shape of the spectacle frame, again to fine tune your vision and work in conjunction with the CYL measurement.

You may not have an AXIS measurement on your prescription, but if you have a CYL measurement you will always have an AXIS measurement too. Choose the option indicated on your prescription. Your AXIS can be anything from 0 to 180 degree's. Be careful to enter the correct AXIS measurement.

5: ADD +. This is the additional amount of power we need to add or take away from your SPH powers for near vision. ADDS go from 0 or have no add indicated up to +3.00 ADD rising in +0.25 increments. If you don't have have an ADD on your prescription you'll need to enter no ADD by choosing  "No or No Add" from the options. If you wear two pairs of glasses/ reading glasses or multifocal glasses then you'll have an ADD. If you're younger and only wear one pair of glasses for everything with Single Vision lenses then you probably won't have an ADD on your prescription.

6: PRISM. Most prescriptions don't have a PRISM. Sometimes (but rarely) one or both lenses may require a Prism. This measurement is a movement of the lens before it is fitted to the frame, and significantly improves vision clarity for people who require a PRISM effect on their glasses. If you have a PRISM indicated on your prescription it is very important we know about it. without including a PRISM when needed you won't see effectively through your glasses. Prisms can be included on one or both lenses and can be the same or different on each right or left lens. Prisms require a movement of the lenses before fitting which can be UP/DOWN/IN/OUT, or a combination of all. For example: 2.5 IN, or 1 OUT, or even 1.5 IN and 2 UP. You can enter any prism combination using the PRISM option boxes (UP/DOWN/ IN/OUT or a combination). If unsure, it might be a good idea to send us a picture of your prescription using the Upload option and we'll work it out for you. Be sure you have chosen the Prism option on the ordering (options) process at the additional costs as these lenses are specially made with PRISM which makes the process more expensive.

7: When you've entered all the prescription details for the right eye, repeat the process for the left eye.

If you want to know more about what lenses may suit your needs best, click the tab below.

When you've told us your prescription and have picked the products and options you need, feel free to go ahead with placing your order. Simply use the tab above to return to your Cart, check the order details and submit. Your prescription will be attached to your order.

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