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Fashion Lacoste Eyewear

Lacost designer frames in Ilkeston, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Ilkeston Factory Specs are authorised to stock and sell Lacoste glasses in the Ilkeston Nottingham and Derby areas Instore. We also offer some online only options that are not held instore. Check out our current pre order Lacoste glasses and Sunglasses at even lower online prices ( online pre order only not available to try instore/ prices may vary instore) 


Lacoste glasses are a male and female designer brand of trendy, colourful quality glasses fitting the sport and urban wear tag. Cutting edge matt and gloss finishes in unique colour combinations, translucent blues and greens, with oranges , reds and bright green and yellow luminous arms and trims, suiting ages from 16 to 60.


Lacoste is a French clothing company, founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste and André Gillier. It sells high-end clothing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, eyewear, and most famously polo shirts. The company can be recognised by its green crocodile logo. René Lacoste, the company's founder, was nicknamed "the Crocodile" by fans because of his tenacity on the tennis court.


In November 2012 Lacoste was bought by Swiss family-held group Maus Frères. More recently, Lacoste's popularity has surged due to French designer Christophe Lemaire’s work to create a more modern, upscale look.

Lacoste operates a large number of Lacoste boutiques worldwide; located as concessions in leading department stores and also as independent venue stores. In the United Kingdom, Lacoste is available from many leading high-end shops.

Ilkeston Factory Specs introduced Lacoste Designer glasses and sells them to customers who bring in their prescriptions directly to our Laboratory and Boutique store.

Our designer glasses are sold by consultation with free advice and measurements.

Lacoste Specs, Lacoste Eyewear, Authorised stockists of Lacoste glasses and prescription lenses.

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