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Luxury  Longchamp Eyewear

Longchamp glasses stockists and opticians in Nottingham or derby

New 40 + Authorised Styles Instore

Ilkeston Factory Specs are authorised to stock and sell Longchamp glasses for women in the Ilkeston Nottingham and Derby areas Instore. We also sell Longchamp Sunglasses Online that aren't held instore but can be pre ordered online.



Longchamp was founded in 1946 by Jean Cassegrain and today it is epitome for Parisian style and allure.

Luggage, handbags and accessories bearing the Longchamp label have a worldwide reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

Le Pliage is the iconic bag that brought the company to international success and became a must have since 1993, when it was fist launched. It takes inspiration from the Japanese art of origami and has become symbol for understatement and affordable luxury.

The eyewear collection takes advantage of French heritage but it also winks at Le Pliage’s dynamism. It is the ideal choice for woman with a self-confident and feminine attitude.

Jean Cassegrain produced the world's first luxury leather-covered pipes, then expanded into small leather goods, such as wallets, passport covers, etc.. Longchamp launched its first women handbag in 1971 and became one of France's leading leather goods makers.

The company's real breakthrough came with the use of nylon. In the 1970s, Longchamp created a leather and nylon fabric luggage collection. For the first time, luggage were light, contrary to the overweight suitcases usually sold at that time. This innovation led the company to design a women's handbag known throughout the world: Le Pliage, a few decades later.

The company's products include its innovative "Le Pliage" women's foldable handbag. The handbag was an instant hit and continues to be the company's best selling product. Le Pliage's signature design, which originated in nylon, has been re-envisioned and re-invented in countless shapes, patterns, colors and fabrics.

The company today designs and manufactures a wide range of luxury goods including leather and canvas handbags, luggage, shoes, travel items, fashion accessories, and a line of "ready-to-wear" women's designer clothing.

The company does business in 80 countries through around 1,500 retail outlets.

The house is still privately owned and managed by the Cassegrain founding family

ILKESTON FACTORY SPECS are authorised stockists of Longchamp eyewear and boast a superb selection of the latest Longchamp ladies glasses fitted with all prescriptions and lens types.

Classic and Highly niche unique styles with timeless elegance, colourful and exceptionally well made quality glasses for ladies.

Book yourself an appointment and try our Longchamp ladies designer glasses.

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