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 Frame & Lens Guarantee's

Lens Guarantee
We'll work accurately to the Eye Prescription you provide and to industry standards. We work on the basis that the eye test you provide will be suitable for your needs.

We'll advise you in an understandable, open and honest way, on all lens options available to you and suitable for your prescription, the pro's and con's of all lenses, coatings, vision quality and lens thickness when you attend store

We'll take all the accurate measurements needed to make your glasses instore.

If you wear Single lenses but try Varifocals or Bifocals for the first time with us and are not tolerant to them, we will replace them free of charge with a single vision lens option within 1 month of purchase including all coatings you originally ordered.

All our Lenses - Branded and unbranded - are to British standards, tested and passed.

Frame Guarantee
Unbranded frames carry a guarantee for a minimum of 6 months against manufacturers faults. We don't guarantee glasses or lenses for wear and tear, accidental damage or misuse.

Branded frames carry a 12 month guarantee against manufacturers faults from the date of order.

All frames - Accidental damage within 12 months of purchase carry a discounted frame replacement offer at our discretion. (Rimless frames and lenses not included)

We can reframe your lenses into new frames while you wait if you accidentally break your glasses.

All our frames can be reglazed at a later point.

We'll service your glasses frames bought from us throughout their lifetime wherever possible.

All our frames are to the relevant British and Industry standards - tested and stamped.

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