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Essilor owned Suppliers

We buy our unbranded lenses from an Essilor owned offshoot Laboratory

Essilor are renowned for and makers of the famous Essilor Brand Varilux and Transition Lenses.
We can save you money without compromising quality. At Ilkeston Factory Specs our standard house lenses are all sourced through an Essilor owned offshoot in London uk.

Because we do a lot of the work inhouse, including cutting and fitting lenses to shape we can offer them at a very competitive price.

We offer Single Vision, Bifocal and unbranded varifocal lenses with the very latest back surfaced digital designs for HD vision and wide visual fields at discounted prices. We sell Standard/ Premium/ and Elite varifocals to give different price points and the right package for you.

Branded lenses at a higher cost start at around £400  (with patented design) should be bought as a full pair of glasses as certain dimensions are relevant for the fit of lenses and not as a reglaze.
We offer all the essilor (brand) coatings including transition coatings to react to sunlight, Polarised to cut glare/ glare resistant clear and Blue Tech (Blue Blok) glare resistant lenses.
We also offer bespoke tinting and extra tough coatings

A small sample of lenses we supply :


Nova Easy (brand) is a new generation of advanced single vision lenses that are optimised for today’s fast paced, digital lifestyle. These lenses are designed to offer relief to hard working eyes, in addition to correcting their vision. This is achieved through a slight power addition within the reading zone much like a varifocal design helping to relax the eyes as they move quickly in and out of this vision zone. This magnification is particularly beneficial to wearers who rely heavily on digital device usage during both their work and social lives.

In today's world our eyes are constantly focusing on computer screens, tablets and mobile phones. When we use these devices our eyes typically look through the lower portion of the lens to suit our natural posture and gaze direction. Focusing on close objects with the eyes gazing down puts strain on the eyes as the muscles need to work hard to ensure maximum accommodation to these near vision tasks. When combined with long work hours, this prolonged accommodative effort often leads to tiredness, headaches and blurry vision. These symptoms are often referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), or digital eye strain. Other symptoms of digital eye strain can include:

Dry eyes; neck, shoulder, or back pain; tiredness or fatigue; increased light sensitivity. If your patients experience these symptoms on a regular basis, Nova Plus lenses are a great choice for single vision wearers to help combat these symptoms.

Nova Easy's design supports the wearer's accommodative efforts and helps to relieve visual fatigue, thanks to the built-in power addition of +0.50 D to support the wearer's vision for close range tasks. The lens provides much greater comfort than a standard single vision corrective lens as the wearers' natural accommodation pattern is retained. Nova Easy lenses can completely replace standard single vision lenses whatever the patient's prescription and without changing their natural behaviour. This is effective in both permanent and occasional wearers.

Whilst the power enhancement provides additional support to Nova Plus wearers, it does not limit them during times when they are not using digital devices. When they are not looking through the near vision area of the lens wearers will experience sharp vision at all distances, as they would expect from an advanced single vision lens. This makes Nova Easy lenses an ideal dispense for wearers looking for a lens that adapts to their digital lifestyle, or for people who use their near vision a lot at work.

Nova Easy is available with Blumax technology

Nova Easy lenses are available with Blumax technology, which helps to protect the wearers’ eyes from blue-violet light. In addition to protection from light from within this portion of the spectrum, Blumax technology can also improve contrast for wearers when using digital devices. Nova Plus lenses with Blumax technology are the ideal choice for single vision wearers who spend a lot of time using digital devices and screens.

Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses are the result of our ongoing commitment to innovation. It is the first time since 2005 that Transitions Optical has made major changes and improvements in both the matrix and the dyes. It’s the combination of these that delivers new breakthrough technology based on what patients want: an improvement in outdoor darkness, activation speed and fade back speed without compromising the level of indoor clarity and protection from UV and harmful blue light


People are exposed to light every day, which includes blue light rays as part of the spectrum. Although blue-turquoise light helps in your overall well-being by helping with basic mental functioning and the circadian rhythm, exposure to harmful blue-violet light may damage your eyes. The damage is believed to be cumulative, appearing later in life in the form of macular degeneration. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a risk that we face with exposure to blue-violet light. Retinal cells of the eye are quite vulnerable to damage caused by the oxidization process as a result of blue-violet light exposure. This damage can be irreversible in the retina. The elderly and children especially appear at the risk of retinal damage from HEV radiation.

Satin Blue features 8 protective features that wearers will benefit from every day.
These are:
● Blue-violet light protection
● Better durability
● Protection from UV rays
● Anti-static properties
● Smudge resistance
● Water repellence
● Anti-reflection
● Scratch resistance

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and we spend long hours on digital devices like laptops, tablets & smart phones. Prolonged use of these devices may result in computer vision syndrome (CVS), otherwise known as digital eye strain. Symptoms of digital eye strain can include: 
● Dry eyes
● Tiredness
● Headaches
● Blurry vision
● Neck, shoulder, or back pain
● Tiredness or fatigueIncreased light sensitivity

We are becoming more and more reliant on digital devices and screens all the time. People are using tablets, mobile phones and screens more than ever before both in and out of work. This is providing new challenges for the human eye. Extended screen use can be.

Satin Blue is the perfect coating for wearers who spend a long time using screens and want clear and comfortable vision. Wearers who spend a lot of time using screens at work and during their home life are more at risk of digital eye strain. Satin Blue can help in providing more comfort for the wearers while they carry out their activities using these screens. For optimum protection against blue-violet light, we recommend dispensing Satin Blue coated Blumax lenses. For more information on Blumax please click here.

Satin Blue uses a unique anti-reflective formula that reduces 20% of the blue-violet light entering the eye. The treatment does not alter colour perception, but can improve contrast for wearers and improve their visual comfort when using screens.

Satin Blue can help to reduce eye fatigue and computer vision syndrome, as well as reduce the risk of AMD and other retinal damages by filtering blue-violet light, allowing blue-turquoise light to pass through the lens and enter the eye. Blue light is comprised of light rays from 380 and 500nm. It is important to distinguish between the two different types of blue light; blue-violet and blue-turquoise. Satin Blue coating is able to effect only the blue-violet portion of the blue light spectrum, making it an ideal coating for wearers looking for protection from these light rays.


A premium progressive lens - NOVA UHD has been developed with the latest state-of-the-art technologies providing effortless natural vision and excellent aesthetics.

Digi-Contour Technology has resulted in numerous lens advancements and is one of the most dynamic technological innovations in the eyewear industry.Thanks to this technology, wearers will receive corrective lenses designed specifically to accommodate his/her exact visual requirement.

In order to achieve maximum clarity in the peripheral zones of the lens, the spherical and cylindrical power meridians are aspherised. With Multi Aspheric Technology, it is possible to reduce the distortions associated with both the Spherical and Cylindrical Power elements by using non-rotational symmetrical surface, in which the asphericity varies from meridian to meridian. It provides unrestricted fields of clear vision.

Nova Plus Varifocals

Nova Plus lenses offer clear vision in all zones of the lenses, eliminating unwanted distortions, even when the image is viewed from nasal and temporal sides at the same time. This results in a reduction in head movements to achieve comfortable, clear vision. Nova Plus lenses feature a smooth transitional corridor between near and far vision, offering a lens that wearers will find easy to adapt to. Recommend Nova Plus for reliable daily use with clear vision. 

Multi meridian processing technology is used to precisely calculate numerous meridians on the back surface of the lens. In order to achieve maximum clarity in the peripheral zones of the lens, the spherical and cylindrical power meridians are aspherised. With Multi Aspheric Technology, it is possible to reduce the distortions associated with both the Spherical and Cylindrical Power elements by using non-rotational symmetrical surface, in which the asphericity varies from meridian to meridian. It provides unrestricted fields of clear vision when compared to conventional progressive lenses, which commonly have higer levels of aberrations with smaller clear vision zones. Multi Aspheric technology gives reduced magnification with wider vision zones as the whole prescription is closer to the eye.

Visio Varifocals best seller

​Visio lenses offer an all round varifocal lense for those who want a digital design varifocal with a modern design but are a little more price conscious. These lenses are a great low cost option and one of our best sellers for those with a smaller budget and come with all the usual coatings you may need and various thickness (high index) options.

Transition XTRActive

Best for extra protection, even in the car. Uniquely designed to protect your eyes from the brightest sun outdoors and harsh artificial light indoors.

Darker tint

This unique photochromic lens provides remarkable comfort to wearers in the brightest sun and hot conditions. When activated, Transitions XTRActive is our darkest Transitions lens in all conditions. In fact it reaches up to category 2 darkness, and offers full UV protection.

Visual comfort when driving

Modern windscreens block UV light. Transitions XTRActive seamlessly activates when driving to reduce sun glare. It does this by collecting extra energy in the lower end of the light spectrum.

Light protection

UVA and UVB light is 100% blocked, protecting wearers eyes at all times. Transitions XTRActive lenses blocks 88% of blue-violet light outdoors and 34% indoors.

Our tints are available in a wide variety of colours and categories to suit every requirement.

WLC offers a full range of tints. You can choose from filters, solid or graduated single colour tints or even bi-colour tints. We offer polarised lenses which align light rays from the sun, giving you a crystal clear view at all times. We are also able to provide a variety of mirror coatings, offering up to 100% UV protection. The colour and density is matched with the tint to enhance the wearer's visual comfort and performance. At WLC we would be more than happy to help you find your perfect tint.

As well as being a great fashion accessory, tinted lenses also provide many benefits to the wearer. We offer tinted lenses across a huge range of lens designs to meet nearly every prescription. Our tinted lenses enhance contrast and reduce glare, and enhance wearer vision during a wide variety of activities. We also offer fashionable colours outside of the more regular browns and greys to suit all frame types, making fashionable sun wear more accessible to prescription lens wearers. Our sun lenses offer UV400 protection, and can be further enhanced by applying one of our Satin coatings to the lens.

Our range of tint colours are available across most of the lens designs that we offer and the colours available are updated regularly to keep up with new fashion trends and consumer demands. As well as the traditional greys and browns, we offer vibrant fashion colours, as well as softer pastel colours for more subtle aesthetics. Different colour tints will affect the wearers vision in different ways. Red, yellow, and blue lenses for example can enhance visual acuity and improve contrast, whereas the the more traditional green and brown tint provides more natural vision with a slight colour enhancement.

In addition to solid tints, dip technology can also be used to produce graduated tints. In these lenses, the level of light reduction decreases continuously from the top to the bottom of the lens. Sunglass lenses with graduated tints are particularly suitable for applications where the light conditions change when wearers raise their eyes such as playing golf.

We also have an extensive range of mirrors available for our sun lens range. Mirrored lenses are often seen as purely a fashion statement, but there is much more to them than that. Mirrored lenses are highly reflective, and reduce the amount of light that enters the eye. Mirrored lenses are excellent for use in conditions with very high intensity light, such as skiing and beach holidays. Many people also prefer the aesthetics of having their eyes concealed behind mirrored lenses. Mirror finish lenses are available with polarised sun lenses. Polarised mirror lenses are particularly popular for mountain and snow sports, where wearers are subjected too high intensity light with various sources of glare.


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