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Our Unique Services 

We are Authorised Designer Glasses Stockists

Longchamp designer glasses stockists

We sell our high value designer eyewear within a full designer glasses consultation and eyewear styling consultation. Our Boutique store in Ilkeston Derbyshire offers a private secure space and our full assistance without interruption. Choose from our stock of over 2500 glasses styles, including our many Prestige, Designer and Niche styles in all sizes. Some of our Brands instore include - Michael Kors, Tiffany, Longchamp, Furla, Radley, Swarovski, Ray-Ban, Police, Lacoste, Oakley, Nike, Tom Ford, Porsche Design, Calvin Klein, Aspinal, William Morris, Gucci, Cube, Jeep, Guess, Hugo Boss, Lewis Hamilton, Paul Smith and more. Book your consultation to attend store. 

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Unique Statement and Designer Glasses Stockists

Unique statement designer glasses ilkeston derbyshire

As Authorised Designer Glasses Stockists we are proud to offer you one of the most exclusive and varied collections of designer and luxury eyewear in the market. We specialize in providing unique statement glasses styles in many sizes and colors, which cater for both men and women. Our bespoke glasses and top-quality service have earned us the reputation as the go-to designer glasses stockist in the Derbyshire area. Book a Designer Glasses consultation here online and come visit our Derbyshire glasses boutique today and discover the perfect pair of glasses that will transform your look. About our Designer Brands

Unique Niche Glasses Stockists

Niche eyewear at Ilkeston Factory Specs Derbyshire

We specialise in all things glasses ! We are particularly proud of our mid to high end bespoke and niche eyewear in bright bold colours and designs.Our Niche glasses aren't easily found elsewhere and are bound to make you stand out in the crowd as the unique individual you are. High quality and comfortable to wear is standard throughout our ranges, you'll be spoilt for choice. Why not book yourself a style consultation instore and find just the right pair of glasses you're looking for at an affordable price. We sell full pairs of prescription glasses as designer glasses stockists but we can also replace broken glasses frames instore while you wait or online. About Cube Niche

Titanium Glasses Specialists

flexon titanium glasses frames stockists in Nottingham

We specialise in titanium glasses frames and proudly display a large range of titanium glasses frames from lower cost unbranded styles to high end designer brands.The advantages of titanium used as a material in the manufacture of spectacle frames are many.Titanium is hypo allergenic so you are unlikely to have a skin reaction to glasses made from titanium. Titanium comes as pure titanium and mixed titanium (we stock both) with other metals such as Cobolt which is used in flexi memory metal frames.Titanium offers maximum light weight comfort as well as being exceptionally strong.

We Replace Broken Glasses Frames

Reframe replacement glasses frames for broken glasses

We uniquely offer our reframe "new frames for broken glasses"  service, saving you the need to buy complete new glasses by fitting your own lenses into our new frames both online and in-store while you wait. Book a free appointment for a while you wait reframe service in-store or post your glasses to us soon. Wondering "how much does it cost to replace my broken glasses frames ?" Read About Reframes

Oversized Designer Glasses Frames

Large Oversized glasses stockists Nottingham or Derby

Step up your eyewear game with our Oversized Fashion Glasses. Our Derbyshire glasses Boutique has a wide variety of frames to choose from, for both men and women. From unbranded options to high-end Prestige Designer glasses, we have something to suit every taste and budget. Book a Visit today and let us help you find your perfect pair of oversized glasses.

Extra Large and Wide Fit Glasses Frames

Wide fitting glasses for big men and women with wide head

We can help the bigger man ! we offer extra large Unbranded and Designer glasses frames and eyewear. We specialise in (unusually) large and wide glasses styles in metal or plastic in the latest designs and colours.Frames sizes that aren't easy to find in the chain optical stores. Look no further than Ilkeston Factory Specs for those niche sizes and unique styles you need.

Extra Small Glasses Frames for Adults that You'll love !

extra small and extra large glasses frames

We can help with smaller glasses frame styles. We specialise in (unusually) small or narrow glasses frames. We proudly hold a large range of small and narrow sized glasses frames. We're all different and we've noticed a shortage of just the right sized small adult style glasses frames for people who fall outside generic glasses frame sizes. Main stream optical chain stores tend to stock standard and common glasses frame sizes, so you'll be pleased to find we specialise in extra small glasses.

All our Designer Glasses are Sold Within our Styling Consultation

Free Eyewear styling consultations

Paid (redeemed) Designer Styling Consultations -

Our Prestige glasses are sparkling instore and waiting for their forever owners. A walk in on "spec" excuse the pun, doesn't do our beautiful designer eyewear justice, or give the experience you deserve. We believe our styling consultation is  just as important as your eye test. After all, glasses are placed on your face for others to see and notice. Well chosen, stylish and well dispensed glasses can really change how you look, how you see how others see you ! You Can Book Your Styling Consultation Here 

We are Bespoke Glasses Lens Tint Specialists

Bespoke lens tinting at Ilkeston Factory Specs

Experience the ultimate look in eyewear with our bespoke lens tinting service. Whether you prefer a subtle tint or a bold colour, we offer a wide range of options for both prescription and plano blank cosmetic lenses. With tint matching, anti-glare, and blue light coatings available, our team of experts will create a custom pair of glasses that perfectly suits your style and lifestyle. Order online or visit us in-store today. Read More About Tints

We Offer Low Cost Glasses Online

Online glasses deals at ilkeston factory specs

Low Cost Glasses Online Deals -

Looking for quality eyewear at a low cost? Our low-priced online glasses are the perfect solution. You won't find these complete glasses in-store but our online only offers give discounted prices for quality frames. In need of single vision or varifocal lenses? we have what you need at a low price online. Offers for men and women who appreciate fashionable quality eyewear without breaking the bank.

Read More About Low Cost Eyewear at Ilkeston Factory Specs

A Large Selection of Affordable Unbranded Frames and Lenses

Man wearing low cost glasses from ilkeston factory specs

Looking for quality eyewear that won't break the bank? Our low-priced unbranded instore glasses are the perfect solution. We offer both plastic and metal quality flexi hinge glasses frames complete with free single vision lenses and for a little more you can add Bifocals, Varifocals and lens coatings too. Our unbranded glasses prices are designed for men and women who appreciate fashionable quality eyewear at an affordable price. More About Unbranded

Glasses While You Wait ! - 1 Hr Service In-store

glasses while you wait in ilkeston near derby

Read about our 1 Hour Express Glasses Service Instore.

Looking to get a pair of single vision glasses fast ? Then look no further. We can make up Single Vision uncoated glasses at low prices while you wait to most optical

prescriptions. If your prescription is not above 4 dioptres and Cyl not over 2 we hold these lenses in-store.

Read More about our 1 hr service

Prescription Lenses and lens Powers We Supply 

Lens powers and lens types we supply

We supply all lens types including Single vision, Bifocal and Varifocal lenses with all lens coatings and in ultra thin forms too. We supply lens strengths up to and including Sph's up to and inc +/-4.00 and app Cyl's up to +/-2.00 dioptres online. 

In-store we go much higher, in fact we can supply lenses with Sph's up to +/-10 dioptres and Cyl's up to +/-6.00 dioptres inclusive. We don't offer lenses over these powers.

Reglaze - Just New Lenses for Your Own Frames 

Reglaze your own frames instore & Online service

We reglaze new or old spectacle frames you may own and want to use. Some reglazes can be done while you wait. We supply prescription lenses for reglazes up to and including Sph's up to and inc +/-6.00 and app Cyl's up to +/-4.00 dioptres instore. 

Sometimes we go much higher, in fact we can supply lenses with Sph's up to +/-10 dioptres and Cyl's up to +/-6.00 dioptres although we'll need to asses the frames you want to use as suitable for best results. We don't offer lenses over these powers.

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