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New lenses into own frames - Reglaze

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Sometimes you don't want or need a new glasses frame, but you have a new prescription you may need putting into your own new or old frames.

It may be that your glasses frames are really unusual or very large or small, just the way you need them, and you can't find an optician who sells just the right frames for you. You may have a sentimental value to your own spec frames, or they may simply just be to good to throw away and start again.

Many opticians don't like reglazing your own glasses frames, but we do. We will reglaze virtually any style and type of old or new spectacle frame, including designer frames and even rimless frames, saving you money. You can use our online reglaze my frame service, or if you live in the Nottingham or Derby or Leicester areas you may be able to call in and bring your frames to us for an accurate quote and a fair price. We have our optical laboratory lens manufacturing onsite and can offer many lenses reglazed into your frames while you wait (single vision) or you can preorder your lenses online and then wait for us to contact you within a few days to come into store where we will cut new lenses into your existing frames while you wait, including Varifocal and all coated lenses.

Many opticians have increased prices and insist glasses are bought as a full pair every time you have a change of prescription, so reglazing your old glasses frames with us can really save hassle and money. We offer bespoke lenses from cheap and cheerful to Top branded lenses such as Zeiss lenses for glasses as authorised suppliers. We specialise in reglazing your own Silhouette rimless glasses and undertake many reglazes of rimless glasses for customers local to Nottingham and Derby or even Leicester.

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