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We replace broken glasses frames - Own lenses into new spectacle frames by return Accidentally broke

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Accidentally broken or snapped your spectacle glasses frames or arms. You can buy a whole new frame (only) with us and save money on new glasses

Get your own lenses put into new frames.

At Ilkeston Factory Specs we replace broken glasses frames and can save you the cost of a whole new pair of glasses if you've broken the frame but the lenses are still ok. If you've had an accident and broken your glasses frames, or your frame is just old, damaged or the colour is coming off and needs a refreshment then we can help. Call into store or simply send your glasses in the post to our Optical Laboratory in Derbyshire England UK and we'll match up a similar frame, and cut or fit your prescription lenses. If you have no spare glasses let us know and we'll get your reframed lenses back to you by return as soon as we receive them. So no matter where you are, Scotland to London, Cornwall to Yorkshire, lands end to John o Groats, even the outer Hebrides, we have you covered. Rimless, semi rimless, full rim plastic or metal, we've never been beaten and always found just the right frame for your broken spectacle lenses.

Here's a couple of recent reviews on google.

6 months ago What a great service. I sent my broken frames with my expensive variofical lenses to Ilkeston factory specs. They were so FAST - back with me in the same week. Brilliant. I loved the frames they choose - they suit me well and the funky design of the temples perfect for my quirky personality. Recommend their service and really good comms too. They keep you informed - friendly and efficient. Really good value and excellent service.

a month ago I wear prism glasses using bifocals for most purposes but single prisms for using a PC mostly. (Stops you from having to crane your head back and look down your nose at the monitor.) One day, clumsy me, I somehow sat on my reading glasses and broke their fairly flimsy plastic frames. Luckily the expensive prism lenses were still perfect and so I thought, not wanting to throw a pair of really good lenses away, I would try to get them put into new compatible frames and carry on using them. Tried my local opticians all of whom only wanted to sell me complete new glasses, lenses and all, which I didn't need and wasn't looking for. So I went on the web, did a few searches, and eventually found my way to Ilkeston Factory Specs' website, who I discovered actually offered reframing amongst their services, made an enquiry, and posted my broken glasses off for repair. In a matter of days my prisms came back, mounted in much better and stronger frames, with superior hinges (which I asked for) and, even though they had been ground specially for my eyes and needed to be positioned just right to get the full benefit of them, my vision turned out to be as crisp, clear and perfect as it was before. (I'm actually wearing my reframed glasses now as I type.) Great job and a real success story. Thank you Ilkeston Factory Specs for saving me a fortune!

We have helped customers replace there spectacle frames from all over the UK , inc as far away as Scotland down to London and Cornwall. So why not send your glasses to us in the post and we'll reframe them for you quick !!! and save you a fortune on new glasses !

own lenses put into new frames
Replace broken glasses frames

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