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Why is it always better to buy your glasses and sunglasses in the high street and not Online?

We all love a bargain, and there is no denying that almost anything can be found online, tucked away somewhere in the world, at a lower price.

When it comes to glasses, this is also often true. So why not take advantage on a saving ?

We are well placed as a business to see the pitfalls in purchasing glasses and sunglasses online. Problems that don't always seem apparent when you make an online purchase of your eyewear.

Apart from the obvious problem of trying the glasses for size and fit, worries about authenticity of designer brands and legal worries if the glasses don't arrive (and the company you've paid being based in another country with there legal jurisdiction). A more common issue is raising it's head.

Service/ repairs and refits. This is where the problems occur. Because Online businesses are not easily at hand to offer back up services or even initial fitting of the glasses, you may find yourself in a tricky position. Many if not most of the high street opticians (ourselves included), find it no longer viable to offer these services to online purchasers. Traditionally opticians offered a high standard of service to there customers and even non customers in the hope of obtaining good will and a potential future sale from a happy consumer. However, this does no longer appear to be the case. Infact, quite the opposite. We and others have found ourselves simply sustaining the online (and unconnected) businesses. The after service offered simply served as a surety to the potential customer to keep on buying glasses online and obtaining free service in the high street for the same goods.

Move on 10 years through to today. Most opticians simply will not refit, repair and service glasses and sunglasses bought online, preferring to concentrate there service and offerings for there own buying customers. This is the nature of business and profitability, and ultimately spectacle sales are business and service has to be profitable somewhere along the line.

What can we draw from this. The sale of spectacles is just one element to a much more service orientated transaction. There is more to a pair of spectacles than a simple retail sale. Measurements and service are essential to get good vision and the lifetime wear required from your purchase, so it isn't always simply cheaper to buy glasses online if there lifespan is very limited due to lack of service and repair. It's wise to consider your needs before they become problems later.

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