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Why we have to refuse "showrooming" enquiries

Updated: May 15

"Showrooming" is a term used to describe the browsing, trying on, feeling and touching of a product (in our case prescription glasses and sunglasses) in a high street store or similar setting, and obtaining technical information (such as the case with opticians glasses and lenses), with no intention from the outset to buy the product or patronise the business supplying this service.

Our Policy

A "showroomer" is obvious to us, we've seen many attempts, and this individuals time in store is cut short, refused service and or subsequent visits.

The objective of the "showroomer" is to purchase the same product at the lowest possible price online at a later point, having had the opportunity at the businesses cost, time and expense to research products in reality, rather than rely on an online picture and no buying experience. We don't encourage and can't allow "showrooming" in our store for our businesses long term survival

But why is "showrooming" unfair and so damaging to the high street retailer and eventually you ?

This pattern of behaviour is extremely destructive, worst case scenario, no high street left and no businesses left too "showroom".

If you have "showroomed" it's not too late, please consider why it would be better for you, your family, and the future of the high street to spend your hard earned money in the high street and small businesses. They provide great service, a nicer society and buying experience, more help, and employment for hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps even you or your family and friends.

Great service and buying experience ongoing - Why it's better in the long run to use your High street business.

High street bricks and mortar retail is as a matter of fact, more costly for the retailer. More Rent or mortgage costs for a bricks and mortar location (or locations) and more staff and the associated costs in paying them can lead to a little higher pricing. Stock (products) to be sold has to be purchased and held in store requiring a bigger cash flow. Service and face to face guarantees are worth keeping in mind.

Your purchase may be a little more expensive than the cheapest online supplier, but the buying experience, service, back up (often ongoing) advice and ability to try and touch a product in real time more than make up for a few additional pounds for the initial purchase.

No service and limited liability - What the Online only business model lacks

The online model is a cheaper business model to run at the moment. Currently there is no real (comparable) rent or business rates to pay in comparison with the high street model. Staffing can be minimised, and stock inventory can also be to a minimum or non existent until an order is actually placed. There is not so much accountability on a face to face basis and problems that may emerge can be more difficult to resolve. The advantage is singular, a cheaper priced product, the disadvantages are many. Mainly revolving around no buying experience, little advice and no service. The customer wants and needs more, thus the rise in "showrooming"

Please support and keep your high street and make a brighter, better future for everyone


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