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The IFS354578B Flexi Hinge Narrow Fit is a top-quality eyeglass frame designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit for people with smaller faces. Made with flexible materials, this frame offers superior durability and is resistant to wear and tear. Its sleek design and narrow fit make it an ideal choice for those looking for a stylish and modern look. Customers in the Nottingham and Derby areas can conveniently collect their glasses from our store or have them shipped by post. Trust in our Derbyshire optical laboratory for low-cost, high-quality glasses.


These glasses can be bought with single vision distance/reading lenses or Varifocal lenses to focus at all distances. They are available online only. Not available instore.

All frames are sold as complete glasses with additional lenses. Frames are not sold without lenses


We supply single vision lenses from

Sph : plus or minus 0.00 to 4.00 dioptres inclusive

Cyl : plus or minus 0.00 to 2.00 dioptres without Prism.


We supply Varifocal lenses from

Sph : plus or minus 0.00 to 6.00 dioptres inclusive

Cyl : plus or minus 0.00 to 4.00 dioptres with or without Prism.


Please do not order glasses if your prescription is above these values


Frame details : Narrow Fit Flexi Hinge

Eye size : 50

Nose bridge size : 16

Arm length : 135

Depth : 35

General size : Small


Material : Metal

colour :Shiny Blue

Usually suitable for : Single Vision or Varifocal lenses

Jean IFS354578B Flexi Hinge Narrow Fit

Declaration A: I am over 16 & not registered with the eye doctor
Declaration B: My prescription is not over 2yrs old
  • Online only Not available Instore

    Please ensure you read our terms of business

    Bespoke glasses supplied are exempt from long distance selling regulations and are not returnable for refund if you change your mind.

    Tints supplied are as supplied and cannot be altered at a later date.

    Varifocal lenses supplied are our choice and as we deem suitable.

    Lenses will be supplied as 1.5 index uncoated unless additions are chosen when ordering.

    Varifocals will be centred at 5mm (standard) above hcl (horizontal centre line) of the eye shape unless otherwise requested.

    Pd measurements will be set at a standard of 63mm for long distance and 60mm for reading and mid range distance unless we are instructed otherwise on order.

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