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Tinted Prescription & No Prescription  Lenses


Prescription (Long Distance Single Vision) & No Prescription Tinted lenses for a bespoke cosmetic effect or as sunglasses with full uv coating.


Prescriptions up to Sph's +/- 4.00 & Cyl's up to +/-2.00 inclusive. We cannot process orders above these powers. Fee's apply see our T&C's


Bespoke lenses and tinting options in your own frames online or new frames instore.

Tints and examples shown and tints supplied are an approximation. Tints cannot be altered once supplied.


How our bespoke tint service works:


1: Style

Place your order with us choosing the tint style -

A: Solid all over tint

B: Graduated tint colour of your choice, (usually darker at the top like a grade 3 or 5  which we will grade down to the bottom of the lens reaching a grade 1 in the same colour))

C: Bespoke colours not listed or a graduated bespoke 2 colour tint if you can provide an example for us to copy as instructed.


2: Colour

Choose a tint colour (For solid and 1 colour graduated tints) or again choose Bespoke and 2 colour tint option as advised. You can advise us of your 2 colour tint needs from the Info section on the Cart Page.


3: Prescription

Tell us if you need no prescription blank lenses, or full prescription distance lenses.


4: Declaration

Tints cannot be altered once supplied


5: Add to Cart & Complete

Proceed with your order (remembering to tell us your prescription if required at the top of your cart page. If you've chosen two colour or bespoke tint options remember to let us know your requirements in the information section in Red "send your instructions here" on your Cart Page.


Remember to enter your prescription if needed from the Cart page if you'd like prescription lenses fitted. This won't be needed for plano no prescription lenses.


 We'll contact you if we think we need to clarify. 


Send your glasses frames bubble wrapped (we don't return hard cases) to us at 

Ilkeston Factory Specs/ 135 Lower Bath Street/ lkeston/ Derbyshire/ UK/ DE78AS.


​It's worth bearing in mind that if you are sending your parcel to us as a 1st class signed for delivery it can take between 1 and 5 days to arrive according to the post office. If you are forwarding your parcel using Special Delivery it is usually delivered for the next working day we are open and the same when posted back out to you.













Tinted Prescription & No Prescription Lenses

Declaration 1: I accept tints cannot be changed once supplied
  • Our tints are approximate and cannot be altered after supplied.

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