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Strong Prescription Lenses

Where is the best place to buy strong prescription lenses in Nottingham or Derby ?

High powered, complex and strong prescriptions are usually available In store with free expert advice. Some combinations of lenses can be limited so it's best to call in to our store with your current prescription so that we can assess what is possible or not possible.

"I have a strong Sph glasses Prescription"
"I have a strong Cyl measurement on my prescription"
"I want thinner glasses lenses"
"I have a Prism on my optical prescription"
"I need advice for new strong prescription lenses"


We can help !!

At Ilkeston Factory Specs we can give you expert advice
on all types of lenses specifically suitable for stronger prescriptions instore.


We have the know how to provide cosmetically enhanced ultra thin lenses and much knowledge in recommending which frames are most suitable for high prescription power lenses. We cater for and have experience in manufacturing many lens options for a bespoke pair of glasses.  You will be able to talk to our experienced technicians about your specific requirements on the day instore.

Please note, we don't supply lenses to partially sighted or eye hospital registered patients.

We offer most types of lenses
including 1.6/1.67 plastic ultra thin lenses in single vision and varifocal options and also higher index 1.7/1.8 and 1.9 index glass ultra thin lenses in single vision and varifocal forms (glass instore only). Sun Reactive, anti glare coatings, blue light protection, hard and UV coatings etc are also available with all our thinner lenses.

We know the right frame sizes and shape combinations that are ideal for stronger prescription lens wearers  (Small eye sizes and round eyes offering best results) and we offer expert advice in store.


We are able to calibrate computerised lens mock ups for your potential lenses showing lens thicknesses before you commit to a particular lens type in the frame you choose at our glasses boutique in ilkeston. We give best advise, but the choice is always yours.


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