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Luxury  Tiffany Eyewear

Tiffany glasses stockist in Nottingham and Derby

Ilkeston Factory Specs are stockists of Tiffany Eyewear. Call in to store from the Nottingham, Derby and Leicester areas to select from a large choice of Tiffany glasses. You can book a consultation with us at your convenience for a 1 on 1 experience. We recommended this approach when buying our Luxury eyewear so sell all our Boutique glasses from our Ilkeston store  with a free consultation.

You will have time without being rushed to try on our Tiffany glasses, and we can offer the best and most suitable lenses to finish your Tiffany glasses off properly and make them perfect. We can offer Tiffany glasses made while you wait with most single vision lenses, varifocals take a little longer.

Here is a little on Tiffany as a company.

Founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany, with it's flagship store located on Fifth Avenue New York. Tiffany set the standard for sterling silver jewellery, demonstrating its creations were of the highest quality.

Inspired by the jewellery collection, the Tiffany eyewear range now manufactured by Luxottica ,features a variety of exclusive acetates, including the world renowned Tiffany blue. Frames in metal in vibrant colours and black, acetate front panels and silver or gold arms are all available in the latest Tiffany specs. Tiffany glasses can be found in high end optician stores like David Clulow/ and some vision express and boots stores , as well as independent opticians specialising in designer brands, but we can offer a more competitive price, and a great choice.

Tiffany eyewear is ideal for those with a classic, romantic and sophisticated sense of style. If you want a brand that stands out above the rest, offering quality and a comfortable wear then the Tiffany brand is for you.

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