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Unique frame model numbers instore at ilkeston factory specs derbyshire

Unique Model numbers from our unique reference system 

& free 1 to 1 consultations with all designer glasses


Unique Model numbers from our own instore reference system.

We are signed up to the "Buy on the high street" program. Our frames are marked with a unique to store product model number to encourage instore purchases which we'll note on your visit. We also offer our instore digital picture service (where we can take a picture on our instore equipment then delete) so you can see yourself on the day in our many glasses styles.


Buying glasses from us instore offers an enjoyable experience and the opportunity to touch, feel and try on our products for quality, fit and comfort. We offer so much more including all the necessary measurements needed to make a great pair of glasses with great after sales service throughout their lifetime.

Consutations with designer eyewear :

Our help, advice and experience is crucial for a great pair of glasses, every time. Thanks for supporting the high street and helping your high street to continue to serve you.

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