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About PD Pupil Distance

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How to measure your own Pupil Distance PD

How to Measure Your own PD - What others say Pupillary Distance

What Is Pupillary Distance?


Pupillary Distance or PD means the distance between the centres of your pupils.

This measurement is used to determine where you look through the lens of your glasses 

PD's for an adult is usually between 58mm-72 mm

Measuring your Pupillary Distance (PD)

Your PD is usually written as one value (e.g. 64mm) but sometimes written as 32/32  

The average PD measurements for women is 63mm and for men 64mm. Between 58 and 68 is quite normal though.


We do encourage you to ask your optician for your PD measurement.  If your optician is reluctant to give you this, you’ll be pleased to hear that it is easy enough to measure your PD using a simple ruler and the help of a friend.


Here is how you can measure your pupillary distance yourself:


How to Measure Your Pupillary Distance 

Method 1


Stand in front of a mirror at a distance of about 20 cm 

Close your right eye


Place your ruler flat against the mirror and align it horizontally with the millimetre scale pointing upwards


Looking over the top of the ruler with your left eye, align the zero mark of the ruler in the centre of

your left pupil


Now open your right eye and close your left but keep your head still and the ruler in the same position


Read the millimetre measurement corresponding to the centre of your right pupil

To be sure, you can repeat this process a few times for consistency

Method  2


Make sure your friend is sat at roughly the same height as you and ask them to place a ruler across the bridge of your nose upside down so that the millimetre measurements are on the edge of the ruler closest to your eyes.

Your friend holds the ruler in their left hand across the bridge of your nose and closes their left eye to avoid any error. With their right eye open, they line up the ruler with the centre of your left pupil. Then, without moving the ruler, they close their right eye and with their left eye open, read the measurement to the centre of the right pupil.

Best results are achieved if you fix your gaze on the bridge of the nose of the person taking the measurement. This point should ideally be around 40/50 cm's away.


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