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Eye tests at local Opticians

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Where can I get an Eye Test today ?

You can ask for a copy of your prescription after an eye test in the uk, and the testing optician is obliged to give you a clear copy after your sight test to take away. It doesn't matter if you pay for or get a free NHS eye test, this still remains the same, and you must be given a copy under the Opticians act. The sight test must be accurate and fit for purpose and you are entitled to rely on its accuracy wherever you decide to purchase eyewear or lenses made up to it. Sometimes you may have to ask for it, although the law is clear on this and you shouldn't have to ask for it, it should be given freely if you decide to make a purchase with another spectacle supplier. Any disclaimer attached to the prescription about its accuracy is not legal and you are covered under your statutory consumer rights with regard to unfair contracts and disclaimers. "you have the right to rely upon the prescription wherever you buy your glasses or lenses from".

It's worth noting that a Pupil Distance measurement needed for the manufacture of glasses does not form part of an eye test and your optician will not usually provide this measurement unless you are purchasing glasses from their store. At Ilkeston Factory Specs we can legally take this measurement and have the latest equipment to measure your PD accurately when purchasing from us.

Ilkeston Factory Specs are a Laboratory Manufacturing Opticians and Eyewear Boutique. We specialise in making and supplying high quality prescription glasses at affordable prices. Although we offer expert advice about frames and lenses, we don't offer eye tests. You'll need to bring your prescription along after your eye test. You may be thinking to yourself "Where is the best place to get an eye test in Nottingham or Derby ?".

Well if you live in the Nottingham or Derby or even the Leicester areas then we've compiled a list of reliable options for you. Pay for your eye test then remember to get a quote. Come and visit us for a great choice of over 2500 budget and cheap designer glasses all in the latest styles and with all lens and coatings available. We are the authorised sellers in Nottingham and Derby and offer savings on all our eyewear. We have had good reports and satisfactory site tests from the following listed opticians so click the store for details below. Remember, you may be able to use your own existing glasses lenses as an alternative to a new eye test as we replace broken glasses frames while you wait too.


Opticians Locator

Specsavers Opticians

Specsavers in Ilkeston

Specsavers in Long Eaton

Specsavers in Beeston

Specsavers in Eastwood

Specsavers in Derby

Specsavers in Nottingham

Specsavers in Oakwood

Specsavers Ripley

Specsavers Alfreton

Specsavers Belper


Scrivens opticians

Scrivens in Ilkeston

Scrivens in Heanor

Scrivens in Alfreton

Scrivens in Nottingham

Scrivens in Chellaston Derby

DI Blow

DI Blow Opticians in Ilkeston

DI Blow Opticians in Nottingham

DI Blow Opticians Alfreton

DI Blow Opticians Bulwell

DI Blow Opticians Hucknall

DI Blow Opticians Aspley

DI Blow Opticians Kirkby in Ashfield

Hursts Chemists

Hursts opticians Ripley

Boots Opticians

Boots Opticians Derby

Boots Opticians Nottingham

Vision Express Opticians

Vision Express Opticians Derby

Vision Express Opticians Nottingham

Vision Express Opticians inside Tesco 

The Outside Clinic test at home

Tesco Opticians now Vision Express

Tesco Opticians Derby now Vision Express

Tesco Opticians Nottingham now Vision Express

Costco Opticians

Marks and Spencers Opticians


Asda Opticians Langley Mill

Asda Opticians Long Eaton

Asda Opticians Derby

Asda Opticians Nottingham

Asda Opticians Beeston 

Gray and Bull opticians Nottingham

Burrows and wozencroft /Burrows opticians Derby

Specs Opticians Derby

John Flynn Opticians Beeston/Nottingham

I Wear Opticians Heanor

I Wear Opticians Bulwell

Riley and Evans Opticians Long Eaton (Glass & Glass)

Bowler and Charsley Opticians Bulwell

Stephen-Donald Eyewear Nottingham

Loxley Opticians Nottingham

David Clulow Opticians Nottingham

Park Vision Opticians Nottingham

W.E. Phillips Optometrists Nottingham

Brooks and Wardman Optometrists Nottingham

PD Rees opticians Nottingham

Mark Davis Opticians Spondon

John Fell Opticians Derby

John Fell Opticians Ashbourne

Dale Opticians Matlock

David Bray Opticians Matlock

The Eye Place Bakewell

SPX Opticians Nottingham

Michael Sumpton Ilkeston

Eye Deal Optics Derby

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