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 Why Book in Advance ?

We operate a one person or couple at a time policy instore, which means that sometimes enquirers can be disappointed when they arrive without booking in advance, as they may have to wait a while before entering store as we finish our consultation (or reappoint their visit for another time).

You don't have to book an appointment, but It's more convenient for you, saves waiting and disappointment, and besides, it's great to know you're coming. Booking allows us to offer you great service and immediate entry to our secure Boutique store, and the good news is it's totally free !

Our booked 
consultations offer priority. We dispense our glasses with a professional 1 to 1 glasses and lens expert to ensure your satisfaction. It's often takes time to find just the right pair of glasses and is usually more than a quick look around, with many technical considerations to ponder.
At Ilkeston factory Specs we have the know how and experience you need, and offer a great and enjoyable experience within our consultations.

Laboratory Service appointments:
Booking in advance ensures we have the correct technicians onsite to offer the services you require (reframes and reglazes with a while you wait service).
 Reframes and Reglazes* can usually be done on the day when our laboratory technicians know you are coming via your booking.

What If I can't book ?
You are welcome to call into store at your convenience if you can't book and we'll offer service as soon as we can when available. If we have a pre booked appointment or one due at the time you call we'll arrange an appointment slot for you either on the day at a later time (or on another convenient day to you and book you in from store ).


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