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Beautiful Affordable Eyewear


Online glasses deals at ilkeston Derbyshire

Our Boutique Store

A massive 2500 affordable budget to the latest high end prestige
Designer glasses to choose from ! 
Five star service with a great choice and savings Instore

Save an average 30% + Instore

Up to 75% + Online

compared to high street Glasses Boutique Specialists 
Reglaze's & Reframe's and Full Prescription Glasses, we have it all !
Boutique hours Mon/ Tues/ Thurs/ Fri/ 10am till 3am/ Sat 10am till 2pm/
Closed Wednesdays and Saturdays

Ilkeston Factory Specs Beautiful Affordable Eyewear Boutique shop
Ilkeston Factory Boutique
Ilkeston Factory Specs Beautiful Affordable Eyewear

Eyewear Specialists

Established in 1991 we have the know how you need !
Prescriptions up to 10 combined Sph Dioptres Instore 

We offer a huge 2500 choice of Authorised & Affordable glasses.
Our Boutique Instore offers Prestige & Branded Eyewear with many beautiful authorised collections and the latest eyewear styles.

Online we offer low cost but high quality eyewear and services.
Our Laboratory offers affordably priced quality unbranded glasses. 
Reglaze's in own frames and Reframe own lenses to our new frames.

Eyewear Styling Consultations

We offer More

Book Free Appointments
and Styling Consultations Instore

Not just another walk in walk out opticians - Our experienced technicians will take time to give you the best possible advice on the latest eyewear.

We sell all our Designer Eyewear with an enjoyable 1 to 1 styling consultation.


Dare to be Different

Older fashionable woman showing what the best styles of glasses

Dare to be Different !
Unique Glasses not easily found in the mainstream opticians

Need glasses you can't easily find elsewhere ? 
Extra Wide and Large or very Small and not available in the mainstream opticians ? Unique stand out niche and statement glasses ? We are eyewear specialists and can help ! 

Quick Look
Our Products & Services

Designer and Luxury Eyewear Boutique in Ilkeston

Fast Instore Service

Single Vision Lenses in 1 hour

We offer uncoated single vision lenses and can make glasses while you wait instore
with prescriptions up to Sph's up to +/-4 & Cyl's up to +/-2
We also supply higher prescription single Vision Lenses Instore,
coated lenses, bifocal & varifocal lenses up to Sph 10 Dioptres within a few days


Strong Prescriptions up to
Sph +/- 10 combined dioptres available
Unfortunately we can't supply patients under 16 yrs old or registered as partially sighted

1 hour reglaze glasses service Derbyshire and Nottingham

Reglaze Frames

Style consolation at Ilkeston Factory Specs

Shop Online Specs

Save 75% or more online

Shop Our Online Offers - Prescription Specs and Sunglasses at Discounted Online Only Prices

We are Bespoke lens tint specialists. You can buy our tinted plano non prescription lenses instore and online and full prescription lenses with our bespoke lens tinting solutions instore

Bespoke tinted prescription lenses ilkeston uk
Broken Frames Replaced

Reframe Your Own Lenses
Replace broken glasses frames Instore & Online

Our Unique Replace Broken Glasses Frames Instore & Online
We'll cut or fit your own lenses to our replacement full, half rim and fully rimless frames
Fully rimless (Must have holes already drilled)
From £59.95 +fitting online - prices vary instore

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Jim D (Google 22nd August 2023) Online

"Tried my local opticians all of whom only wanted to sell me complete new glasses. I went on the web and found Ilkeston Factory Specs' website, who offered reframing amongst their services and posted my broken glasses off. In a matter of days my prisms came back, mounted in much better and stronger frames, with superior hinges and even though they had been ground specially for my eyes and needed to be positioned right to get the full benefit my vision turned out to be as crisp and clear as before".

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Ilkeston Factory Boutique
We are a long established Business
Located at 135 Lower Bath Street Ilkeston Derbyshire uk De7 8as
Open Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri (10am - 3pm) Sat (10am - 2pm)
Closed Wed and Sunday


You can park privately with us by appointment, or outside the shop where there is free parking for 30 minutes immediately outside our Boutique. There is also a car park opposite. Tesco and Dunelm car parks are near by within 2 minutes walking distance. We are at the bottom of Bath Street just past Pelham Street and Stamford Street. We are next to the Polish Shop Roma and opposite Paragon Academy. We are a short walk up from Tesco Island.

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