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"Beautiful and Affordable Eyewear"
Laboratory Manufacturing Optician & Authorised Prestige Eyewear Boutique

 cheap designer glasses in  Derby or Nottingham

Our Boutique Store

A massive 2500 affordable budget to the latest high end prestige
Designer glasses to choose from with savings of

30% compared to high street Boutique Opticians 

Advance Booking Recommended for immediate entry

Michael Kors glasses not at Specsavers
ilkeston factory specs derbyshire
Lewis Hamilton glasses in Nottingham or Derby and replacement glasses frames
who sells Police glasses in Nottingham or Derby Derbyshire area
Guess glasses with prescription near Nottingham
Calvin Klein replacement broken glasses frames
Police Sunglasses suppliers near Nottingham
Dario Martini rimless glasses in Derbyshire
Porsche Design glasses and replacement glasses frames in East Midlands Nottingham and Derbyshire

Eyewear Specialists

We are Eyewear Specialists
not just another "conveyor belt" opticians

Established in 1991 our Laboratory & Boutique offers a huge choice of
Affordable Designer/ Prestige & Niche Branded & Unbranded Eyewear
& Unique services Instore & Online. 
We offer complete glasses & Reglaze's or your own lenses fitted to our new frames

2500 Fully Authorised' 2024 Prestige Designer Eyewear
Unbranded affordably priced glasses
We have the experience and know how you need
A great service and lovely experience too !


Big Clearance Sale now on !
RayBan - Michael 
Kors - Flexon Bendy Titanium
£95 complete with Single or Varifocal lenses 
 when you buy any full priced Designer prescription glasses (sunglasses excluded)
 inc single vision or varifocal lenses with standard prescriptions

 See T&C's instore

Google 12th May 2023

"Very impressed with the quality of the varifocal lenses in my Jeep frames. All the

work involved is first class.  Excellent service and great pricing. I definitely recommend "

We offer More

Need Glasses you can't easily find elsewhere ? 
Extra Wide and Large or very Small and narrow
eyewear not available in the mainstream opticians

We are eyewear specialists and can help ! 

Want to stand out from the crowd ?
We stock niche glasses high street opticians don't.
From lower cost to high end Prestige eyewear.
You'll find the perfect glasses with us in all styles, sizes and colours.
Plastic to light weight titanium and even rimless glasses

Book a free appointment and call in with your prescription. 

Link: Getting your Prescription - The Law & Opticians Act

Furla designer glasses at lower prices than Boots Opticians
Calvin Klein designer glasses at lower prices than Boots opticians

Typical Savings

 Authorised Luxury Eyewear Instore

Save an average of 30% or more

compared to like for like high street Luxury Eyewear stockists

Big Clearance Sale now on !
RayBan - Michael 
Kors - Flexon Bendy Titanium
£95 complete with Single or Varifocal lenses 
 when you buy any full priced Designer prescription glasses (sunglasses excluded)
 inc single vision or varifocal lenses with standard prescriptions

 See T&C's instore

Niche Products & Services
Take a quick look

Fast Instore Service !

Standard Single Vision with 1 hour service

We offer uncoated single vision lenses and can make glasses while you wait
with prescriptions: Sph's up to 4 & Cyl's up to 2.

We also supply higher prescriptions single Vision Lenses Instore,
coated lenses, Bifocals & Varifocals up to Sph 8 Dioptres instore within a few days

Reglaze & Reframe glasses available while you wait 
 Pre-order prescription lenses (in advance) option available,
and have your lenses waiting to cut into your own or our new frames
for a 1 visit service. All lenses and coatings available.

1 hour while you wait servic for new glasses

Book Free Appointments
and Consultations Instore

Not just another walk in walk out opticians - we'll take time to give you the best possible advice and a great experience.

All Designer glasses with a free 1 to 1 styling consultation.

Free bookings and a Secure Boutique store for
time Instore to try our massive choice of 
the latest authorised eyewear with our expert dispenser.


Shop Online Deals

Shop quality glasses -  online models - online prices

Furla Eyewear stockists in Derby or Nottingham
cheap prescription sunglasses while i wait nottingham or derby

Extra Savings

Choose from our extra range of discounted online designer glasses & sunglasses
not held Instore
 - Shipped or collect.

Reglaze Instore & Online

reglaze glasses frames nottingham, Derby and leicester

Save Money and reglaze your own glasses frames with your new prescription lenses including single vision and varifocal lenses and coatings.

Had a cataract removed ?

need a plane lens for glasses after operation

Need a blank cosmetic no prescription lens fitted to your existing glasses to replace your

no longer need prescription lens (due to eye treatment or an operation) ?


We offer a unique blank lens replacement service online

Just send your glasses  to our Laboratory for a no prescription optical quality replacement lens and a fast by return service

Broken Frames

Reframe Broken Frames
Instore & Online

Reframes for Broken Specs

A Unique Replace Broken Glasses Frames Instore & Online service
 Prices vary Instore - Online fixed price £59+ fitting


Jim D (Google 22nd August 2023) Online

"Tried my local opticians all of whom only wanted to sell me complete new glasses. I went on the web and found Ilkeston Factory Specs' website, who offered reframing amongst their services and posted my broken glasses off. In a matter of days my prisms came back, mounted in much better and stronger frames, with superior hinges and even though they had been ground specially for my eyes and needed to be positioned right to get the full benefit my vision turned out to be as crisp and clear as before".

Low cost glasses in Ilkeston Derbyshire

About Us

We are long established family owned and operated.

We welcome bookings with a prescription to our high street boutique and Laboratory at Ilkeston Derbyshire UK. 


Unique and affordable glasses up to the latest Designer Eyewear

with a one to one consultation service.

Huge choice and savings compared to high street opticians.


We offer authorised Designer glasses collections from our privately owned buildings, boutique store and manufacturing laboratory established 1991.

Private secure parking available with bookings.

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