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Buy Plano No Prescription Tinted Lenses

About Tints for Prescription glasses Lenses

Tints come in many colours and are permanent. They don't change with UV exposure.
Tints are great for sunglasses or just for cosmetic enhancement and can be applied to all types of lens.
The examples below show the depth of shades achievable. We supply tints online or instore. We tint our own lenses but don't tint own lenses already in the glasses.

We generally offer 15% (sample 1) tints for cosmetic enhancement.

We generally make sunglasses up to an 85% tint (samples 5)

You can pick the tint if you want another depth 2-3-4. 
Make sure you read our T.O.B (tints can't be altered once sent out) You can also request a graded/graduated tint. Choose a tint and order below with non prescription lenses or if you need a tinted prescription lens then go to our "Reglaze my frames online" from the menu, you can order prescription lenses or non prescription lenses from there too.

Note: We can only tint our own new prescription or Plano (blank) lenses. The examples shown are an approximation.

          1                        2                        3                       4                       5








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