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About Us - Ilkeston Factory Specs 

Read about Ilkeston Factory Specs Beautiful Affordable Eyewear and our Optical Lens Laboratory (trade lens manufacturer) established in 1991

It all began in 1991 when we opened our trade optical laboratory in Dudley and our first factory outlet

"Squints" at Dudley market place in the West Midlands. We were the first and original optical factory outlet to sell glasses to the trade and public from our high street location.

We opened our second factory outlet Ilkeston Factory Specs in Ilkeston Derbyshire in the East Midlands in 2003 specialising in supplying the public with low to mid priced prescription eyewear .

We also supply local opticians and the trade with emergency services and overflow services.

We also opened our boutique glasses store Ilkeston Factory Specs Beautiful Affordable Eyewear in 2003 on Lower Bath Street Ilkeston, which specialises in quality eyewear and authorised prestige designer glasses at affordable prices. This allows the public access to store to buy the latest and most prestigious eyewear at a more affordable price than many specialist opticians and represents our large investment in authorised products and again makes us unique in the industry.

So why choose us ?

As a manufacturer we don't test eyes preferring to leave that to the opticians and eye doctors but we invite and offer members of the public with a prescription to book a free appointment or call into store for a great choice of eyewear and our unique services at affordable prices. We sell our designer glasses with a free styling consultation and offer great advice and help. our trained and experienced technicians are happy to offer their experience, useful information, and will take all the vital measurements needed when you are purchasing our products.


Safe and secure Boutique store.

The largest choice of 2500 glasses in the area and in stock.

Affordable unbranded high quality glasses.

A big big choice of Fully Authorised Prestige/ Niche and Designer eyewear in the latest styles.

Great and expert service.

We offer all necessary measurements to make your glasses perfectly..

Unique Reframe service - Just new lenses with our "replace broken glasses frames" service while you wait instore and uniquely available online too.

1 hour service with most single vision glasses.

Reglaze own frames service - We  offer a "reglaze my glasses frames" service instore.

Branded and Unbranded prescription lenses and lens coatings available instore.

Strong prescription lenses available up to 10 dioptres.

Free off street private parking and outside street parking.

Bespoke lens tinting services onsite.


Our Boutique store is located at 135 Lower Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, De7 8AS UK.

Our Independent Laboratory

Situated on premises adjacent to our store in Ilkeston. We serve our stores and online websites from here. The public may attend but you will need to make an appointment beforehand to enter our laboratory. We employ experienced technicians who actually make prescription glasses and lenses for the trade and our stores.  We make a lot of lenses onsite within our optical laboratory, and also use outside suppliers for specialised lenses and prescription requirements as well as branded lenses.



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