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Unbranded Glasses In-store

Cube Eyewear glasses stockists ilkeston

Pictured: Cube Eyewear - Our Branded Unbranded Glasses at a great affordable price !

We don't do cheap, we do quality cheap ! - Unbranded on trend glasses and prescription lenses with great vision that
will last and last at Affordable prices !

We don't like cheap, we don't really like the word cheap, but, our high quality unbranded glasses are, simply "high quality" at a lower price than the equivalent glasses in high street opticians. Flexi hinges are standard, as is quality materials, plastics and metals made to last and give high value for a price you can afford. Although we specialise and are designer glasses stockists you can very much rely on our cheap, "Not Cheap" unbranded glasses at Ilkeston Factory Specs Beautiful affordable eyewear. Call in or book an unbranded eyewear consultation and see why people are talking about us and coming back time and again.

Cube Eyewear by Sightique - As Good as Branded but Unbranded

Red and black unusual plastic glasses frames
Piercing blue translucent glasses
Unique post box red glasses in plastic
blue arms and blue tortoiseshell plastic glasses
Green and pink statement glasses
crystal pink glasses and sunglasses frames
large oversized sunglasses
plastic black glasses with gold arms
green and pink statement glasses
ray ban wayfarer copy glasses by cube
pink round plastic glasses

We are currently promoting a great niche brand new to the UK but Big in South Africa, Cube Eyewear meticulously designed by Wade Miller is stunning ! Wade knows his customers and he knows style. Cube has been a trailblazer in the eyewear industry since 2005, revolutionizing the accessibility of high-end design at an affordable price. Founded on the principle of bringing exceptional quality and cutting-edge fashion and design to a wider audience. CUBE has meticulously curated collections that embody style, comfort, and affordability. Cube looks designer, feels designer and in it's own right is designer at a lower price tag. Cube's not shy, Cube is colour, on trend, translucent, greens and reds, blues and yellows, in fact all the colours you could imagine in styles that stand out and make a fantastic statement about you as the wearer. New fresh and adventurous, confident and individual, Cube is a brand for the future that laughs in the face of long established brands, after all, cutting edge fashion is about the new, not the old.

CUBE speaks to the discerning individual seeking distinctive, fashion-forward eyewear without compromise. Cube is created for a diverse clientele, valuing quality, comfort, style and affordability. Setting trends, defying conventions - CUBE's journey began with a simple vision: to offer affordable eyewear without compromising quality. Cube as a brand is inspired by the ethos encapsulated in the name:


C: Creatively Crafted,

U: Unique and Ultra-Modern,

B: Bold Style at a Bargain, and

E: Excellent Quality.


A global brand, rooted in excellence - CUBE has achieved remarkable success in South Africa and ventured into new territories including the UK in 2020. 

As designer glasses stockists and unbranded eyewear specialists too, our boutique is very pleased to offer Cube Eyewear at an affordable price in the Nottingham Derby and Leicester areas. There's a fantastic selection of Cube glasses waiting for their forever owners instore at Ilkeston factory Specs Beautiful Affordable Eyewear. All Cube glasses come with 12 months manufacturers guarantee.

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