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Check out some of our 5 star reviews - Thanks Guys !

Dode Cahedron

6 reviews

Google 12th June 2024

I was unable to find anyone locally to swap out my shortsighted lenses into new frames so I recently sent off my glasses to be reframed to IFS. A week later I received them back. I am very happy with the frame IFS selected and would definitely use their services again.

Philip F


Paul Harvey

12 reviews

Google 10th June 2024

This is a very interesting service. Most places where you get glasses require you to have your eyes checked and then order your frames in the store. This often results in two outcomes: you either go to an optometrist that has cheap frames or to a very expensive specialist.
Ilkeston offers something very different. You simply need to know your lens prescription. If you have that or even the lenses themselves, they provide exceptional quality frames at very competitive prices. I'm a believer and will use them again.


Nathan Tague

1 review

Google 10th June 2024

I managed to find Ilkeston Factory Specs from a random Costco tip-off after I lost my sunglasses and needed a quick replacement. I genuinely wasn't expecting such incredible service. I was looked after from start to finish, nothing was too much trouble and I found the perfect pair of sunglasses for me, just in time for my holiday!

Would not hesitate to recommend a visit here to anyone looking for a new pair of Specs or Sunglasses. They have frames you won't find in Specsavers, etc., and they will give you the type of bespoke service you wouldn't get at a chain. Will be back for sure!


Patricia Sandle

23 reviews

Google 31st May 2024

Cannot recommend this shop highly enough. They had so much time and knowledge regarding what I needed and what suited me! Didn't rush me at all, very friendly and professional and the shop smelled amazingly of daffodils! Will be returning for another pair and won't be going anywhere else from now on!!!


Robert Walshe

Local Guide·174 reviews·27 photos

Google 26th May 2024

I recently had my broken frames replaced and my lenses saved by this optical business, and I couldn't be more delighted! They managed to turn everything around in just three days. Excellent service! Highly recommend!

Martin Spencer

7 reviews

Google 17th May 2024

Reglazed a pair of my designer sunglasses with varifocal tinted lenses.
The new lenses are crystal clear and far superior to my current Specsavers sunglasses.
Really pleased with the service at a very reasonable price, I wont be going anywhere else for glasses in the future and will be recommending.


Jeff bowles

1 review

Google 10th May 2024

Accidentally snapped my old glasses and wondered if it were possible to utilise my existing lenses within new frames? One quick phone call and an hour or so later I'm in front of the footie and able to see again with my new glasses (and old lenses). Fantastic service, knowledgeable, really speedy, great choice of frames at great prices but above all a really friendly and helpful couple (plus the cute Pug!). Can't recommend highly enough!
Broke your glasses? Get your old lenses fitted to new frames and all within an hour............ Who knew!


Andrew Thompson

1 review

Google 30th April 2024

Great service! Really quick. Had a reframe and my family actually prefer the new design.


sue bright

1 review

Google 26th April 2024

Fast and efficient service. Easy to use, glasses fit perfectly, friendly customer service. Happy!! 😊😊


Jamie Clough

1 review

Google 23rd April 2024

Was absolutely brilliant service, owner is a legend! Great value glasses.


Martin Shaw

1 review 

Google 19th April 2024

Really please with my new glasses. The help that you get when visiting the shop is first class. Great service and very friendly people. I would highly recommend visiting if you need new glasses.

Daren Adams

1 review

Google 25th March 2024

Such a great service from Shaun and the team…speedy turnaround and great communication and customer support. Highly recommended, Darren, Cardiff.

Vaughan Cooper

1 review

Google 16th March 2024

Today I went to Ilkeston factory specs for the first time, I now won’t be buying glasses anywhere else, the service I received was 5 star, very professional and helpful, Sean was able to swap out the lenses in my ray bans to prescription sunglass lenses while I waited, I was able to chooses from various colour tints as well as the darkness I required, they also have a huge range of great glasses in store to choose from including top brands, I’ll be back this summer for another pair of designer prescription sunglasses and I know I’ll be able to choose the frames and lenses I want, top quality service from both Sean and Juliet thank you very much


Jubriel Hanid

6 reviews

Google 11th March 2024

I broke my glasses, but they were quite new and the lenses costly. I went back to where I had bought them, but they were unable to help. Fortunately I came across Ilkeston, and Shaun, who turned things round quickly, and professionally, and were very friendly. They did a great job, and I'm really pleased with the frames they chose on my behalf. I was almost resigned to having to discard my perfectly useable, expensive lenses, but Ilkeston came to my rescue. Thank you.


Masao Kobayashi

1 review

Google 10th March 2024

I did a random search on Google for businesses that tint lenses for glasses. Everyone I came across could only produce the same dreary brown, grey, green or blue. I wanted something more special. I then came across Ilkeston Factory Specs who offered far more colour options such as yellow, pink and red as well as the classics in a range of shades and gradients. So I made contact to tell them what I was after. They were happy for me to send in my glasses to see what they could produce. And I'm delighted to say they have indeed created exactly what I was after. I couldn't be happier.


Kay Hall

3 review

Google 3rd March 2024

Factory Specs is a Gem..Frames galore, such choice. Sean is such a knowledgeable guy, so helpful. Third visit absolutely superb customer service.

Eddie Bromilow

Local Guide·243 reviews·111 photo

Google 25th Feb 2024

An absolute treasure! Not an opticians, the lovely team here can take your existing lenses and pop them into new frames while you wait or take your optical prescription and make you a new pair of glasses. It's a service which can be difficult to find. Highly recommended



6 reviews

Google 8th February 2024

Just amazing service. If you have broken a pair of glasses go no further. This company is exemplary in their customer care. Great value and it could not be easier. Simply pack and post the broken pair of glasses and that's it!
You are kept up to date and the new frames will be back in days. Perfect.

Adam Oakes

Local Guide·15 reviews

Google 2nd February 2024

I used factory specs to re glaze my specs this year and last and cannot praise them enough. They are so friendly and professional, nothing is too much trouble for them.
Take it from me get your prescription and visit factory specs in Ilkeston to get frames that make you look fantastic with equally fantastic friendly service.
I wouldn’t use anyone else and would always recommend them.

“You should have gone to factory specs” trust me you should :-)



Google 9th Dec 2023

I have used an online reframing option and everything went very smoothly from start to finish. Prompt responses, fast reframing, and quick delivery. Frames look of excellent quality. Very pleased. Would highly recommend!


J H (Johnny)

Google 8th Dec 2023

the glasses have been returned safely even though the post chap rammed them in the letter box 🤬 however lucky they haven’t been damaged
The frames I feel are better than what I had and seem a lot more solid the pads are comfortable and I feel they fit my head better good choice of frames thank you
The overall experience has been amazing and excellently pleasant easy from the start to the end
Great job great company and work simply excellent
I will be recommending your work and company
Thank you


Andy Hobday

Google 5th Dec 2023

Excellent service.highly recommend 👏👏
I purchased a new pair of frames for my existing lenses after breaking my glasses and saved a fortune and got them in half an hour! 🙌 👍
No appointment necessary. I simply walked in, explained what I wanted, and picked a new frame from their extensive and well priced selection, and within half an hour, they were ready. Quick and simple, hassle free service at an excellent price.
The while you wait service is fantastic, plenty of parking over the road, didn't even have time to grab a coffee as they were done that quick! Tx guys 👍


Aileen Wright

Google Oct 2023

Simply incredible from beginning to end complete professionalism from shaun and juliette friendly positive experience and the perfect frames for me i cant wait to get another pair phenomenol


Jackie Brady

Google Sept 2023

Took my prescription here today as I wanted to keep the frames. They did this within 20 minutes and more than half the cost at the opticians. Very helpful and I would reccomend them. Most definately use again. Thankyou


Jim Dandylion

Google Sept 2023

I wear prism glasses using bifocals for most purposes but single prisms for using a PC mostly. (Stops you from having to crane your head back and look down your nose at the monitor.) One day, clumsy me, I somehow sat on my reading glasses and broke their fairly flimsy plastic frames. Luckily the expensive prism lenses were still perfect and so I thought, not wanting to throw a pair of really good lenses away, I would try to get them put into new compatible frames and carry on using them.

Tried my local opticians all of whom only wanted to sell me complete new glasses, lenses and all, which I didn't need and wasn't looking for. So I went on the web, did a few searches, and eventually found my way to Ilkeston Factory Specs' website, who I discovered actually offered reframing amongst their services, made an enquiry, and posted my broken glasses off for repair. In a matter of days my prisms came back, mounted in much better and stronger frames, with superior hinges (which I asked for) and, even though they had been ground specially for my eyes and needed to be positioned just right to get the full benefit of them, my vision turned out to be as crisp, clear and perfect as it was before.
(I'm actually wearing my reframed glasses now as I type.)
Great job and a real success story.
Thank you Ilkeston Factory Specs for saving me a fortune!


John Johnson

Google August 3rd 2023

Clumsiness or whatever I broke my spectacle frames irreparably. With no assistance from my usual optician other than to buy a new set I tried to find an effective solution to salvage my undamaged varifocal lenses. This company at Ilkeston was the only one I could find that was prepared to reframe spectacles.
In less than a day of receiving the broken item the lenses had been reframed, posted and the spectacles were delivered to me the following morning.
This service was excellent, both fast and economical and as for the previously unseen, new frames - my twelve year old granddaughter reckons they look ‘cool’ and my wife noted that Ilkeston had better taste in frames than I might have chosen.
I am very pleased to have found such a helpful organisation.
Regards John Johnson



Google 16th July 2023

Fantastic experience in store today. Was like talking to friends rather than sales people as they have your best interest at heart instead of a quick sale unlike many opticians. Provide honest feedback on glasses fit and look, reasonably priced for the quality and they were able to accommodate my request of tinted lenses to how I wanted them so was well worth the 140 mile round trip.
For someone with anxiety they made me feel completely at ease, between this and my new

pairs of glasses it was a match made in heaven.


T Steve

Google 4th July 2023

Excellent service. I was struggling with my new prescription but the opticians where i had my test done weren't very helpful as i'd bought my glasses from Ilkeston Factory Specs and not them. I went back to IFS and they went above and beyond spending the time to explain my prescription and what could be done for me (not quite ready for varifocals yet). In the end all we did was adjust the nose pads and everything is as clear as day now. Thank You IFS


Jason Bates

Google 29th June 2023

What great place to purchase your glasses !! Plenty of choice and at very reasonable prices.
Due to a eye condition i have, they turned around my order for sunglasses in a quick and timely manner to accommodate me which was very much appreciated.A Wonderful personal service Thank you.

Tracey Cooke

Google 25th June 2023

I had 2 pairs of specs reglazed and they look just like new again. Very pleased with the high quality lens and a quick turnaround too. Great personal service from Shaun and Juliet who are lovely to deal with. I’d highly recommend buying from this store and I haven’t said that about an actual shop for a long time!


Scott Gibling

Google 22nd June 2023

Always use these for my glasses and sunglasses. They are very helpful, have keen prices and excellent service. Highly recommended.


Kevin W

Google 20th June 2023

Both my wife and I took the opportunity to visit Jason and Juliette to sort our glasses out as we travelled 25 miles to see them. We booked an appointment each so we had time to find the right styles and had time for a chat and meet Bruce their dog.
The advice they gave was professional and really helpful. Our glasses were back for the next weekend and we have both collected them and are really happy. There is a fantastic choice of brands and prices that we didn't see at our local Boots our Specsavers. We will be back next time we need some new glasses and I would definitely recommend going to visit. It was well worth it for us. Thank you.


Peter Smith

Google 17th June 2023

A big thankyou to shaun for making me my +8 prescription sunglasses. nice slim dark lenses, you cant even tell they are prescription sunglasses worn em all weekend whilst out on E bike.
been after some for years, finally got em well impressed.
thanks shaun

Adrian Hilton 

Google 11th June 2023

Brilliant customer service. I will certainly use them again in the future.


Nick C 

Google 14th May 2023

I had broken my frame and went back to Boots who were unable to fit just frames and were intent on selling lens & frames, which is not what I required given my eyes hadn't changed much & the lens' are in good condition.
I found Ilkeston Factory Specs online and booked an appointment. They were most helpful and offered a range of options for the frames which were closely matched to the shape of my existing varifocal lens'. Having finally chosen a set of frames, I could have happily chosen 3 or 4 as they all fitted well & were stylish, they then trimmed the lens' to fit & within 30 minutes it was all sorted. I've been using them for a couple of weeks now & they are perfect.
My only negative comment is that they required a cash payment given I had the new frames on the day & it would have been helpful to have known that before coming
However, overall a terrific service, very friendly & professional, good range of frames & a super experience



Google 12th May 2023

Needed lenses reframing, excellent service from Shaun, with great communications and less than a week for glasses repair online. Would recommend him to all my friends & family. Thanks again.


kevin devanney

Google 12th May 2023

Very impressed with the quality of the varifocal lenses in my Jeep frames. All the work involved is first class. I have just taken my old glasses in for Shaun to convert them to permanent sun glasses for driving. Excellent service and great pricing. I definitely recommend.


Derbyshire Hearts

Local Guide

Google 28th April 2023

After getting my eyes tested at the local Optician's I took my prescription to Shaun at Ilkeston Factory Specs, and selected a very modern frame with reactalite lenses and anti-glare coating. He quoted me a third of the price previously quoted, with anti-glare coating thrown in for free. They were ready for pickup within 4 days. I have been using Factory Specs for over 10 years,

superb local service, great range, super fast, and any problems I know Shaun will fix it.


Linda Knighton

Google 28th April 2023

Fantastic service 👏
Fabulous choice of ladies of gents specs.
Very professional attention.
They have lots to choose from, a lot more choice than the main st opticians. Some great modern styles.
Definitely recommend 👌

Colin Sigley

Google 22nd April 2023

I posted my glasses on Monday afternoon and they were returned with excellent new frames on Thursday. What a superb service and well worth the money.


Nigel Taylor

Google 21st April 2023

Excellent service from very helpful and knowledgeable staff.
A great choice of replacement frames available, my original lenses were fitted in about 15 minutes and look brilliant.
I can't rate this company highly enough - superb in every way!!


Iona Thomson

Google 26th March 2023

What a great service. I sent my broken frames with my expensive variofical lenses to Ilkeston factory specs. They were so FAST - back with me in the same week. Brilliant. I loved the frames they choose - they suit me well and the funky design of the temples perfect for my quirky personality. Recommend their service and really good comms too. They keep you informed - friendly and efficient. Really good value and excellent service.


John Langley

Google 25th March 2023

Really nice friendly people.
Helped me pick a frame I liked within 10 minutes when it normally takes me ages.
Also thinned my high prescription lenses to fit perfectly into the frame for a very reasonable price.
Can’t fault them on anything and will definitely be using them again in the future!


Tom Pearson

Google 26th Feb 2023

Large opticians chains quoted me a 14 day turn around for lens replacement in my existing frames and suggested there was a high chance of them breaking during the process. Their quote for new frames and lenses was only a few £ more.

Shaun at Ilkeston Factory Specs turned it around in under 15 minutes while I waited with a cup of coffee included, at less than half the price the major retailers were asking. He even polished the frame and tightened the hinges and they are better than when I got them new.

I've got no complaints and will be back next time I need some glasses.

Jo Johnson

Google January 30th 2023

We received a top service at Ilkeston Factory Specs, from both Shaun and Juliet. It was a fast turn around from start to finish and Shaun went out of his way to ensure we received our new specs for Christmas. Although Gary was OK I just couldn't adapt to varifocals but again, both Shaun and Juliet offered advice and alternatives that I would be happy with. Thank you guys we will be back.....😊


Jason Clixby

Google January 7th 2023

After finding a frame I had been looking for for a while elsewhere, I sent them to Ilkeston Factory Specs to have my first pair of varifocal lenses glazed into them. As I have worked in an opticians before, l knew how to measure the heights for the varifocals. Within a couple of days, Shaun emailed me to say that they had received the frame and that they had ordered the lenses. It only took a few more days and to get the glasses and I was kept informed by Shaun all throughout the order and delivery. The lenses look great and I have had no problems adjusting to the lenses. Thanks so much. Amazing customer service and will recommend to all.


David Gray

Google December 2022

What a brilliant set up they have there. From the moment I walked into the shop, their customer service started to show just how good they are.
When I asked if they could re-glaze my existing frames, I was asked if I would like a cup of coffee!
Sean really knows his lenses, he went on to explain each type of vary-focal lens, and how they would work.
He then took several measurements to ensure they were REALLY suited to my eyes and face.
He also explained how the anti-glair/hard coating (which I had requested) was applied.
The result was an exceptional pair of glasses, far better than previous ones AND fitted to my exiting frames for far less cost than new specs - What more could I ask for.
Thank you both for an excellent service.
I will be recommending Ilkeston Factory Specs to other people in the future.


Darren Castle

Google November 2022

I needed some new lenses in some in my favourite glasses
As my sight had changed slightly
Spec savers kept pushing me to have new frames but they were same price as some New glasses from them
I Popped into factory specs
bit further down on opposite side
I gave them my prescription he gave me a price he said come back in hour I couldn’t beleave it
they had Fitted my lenses into my oversize glasses I was over the moon
I spotted some big Oakley frames
In there which were large frame.
Bit different so had those too
Shaun was Amazing he dies the lenses on site. No waiting
No waiting personal service n great price in Ilkeston Wow


Allen Stevens

Google 19th Oct 2022

I dropped my relatively new glasses, chipping both lenses.
My usual opticians quoted me twice the price of Ilkeston Factory Specs to replace the lenses.
Making an appointment I met Shaun and Jules who was welcoming and friendly,
The expertise and knowledge was reassuring and confident for them to reglazing both pair of my designer frames glasses.
I can honestly say nothings to much trouble, when I arrived I had my prescription sunglasses lenses which had dropped out, he took them explaining why they had and modified them with no charge.
When I collected my reglazed glasses I was total amazed at the clarity, some thing I had not experienced for a while.
He had noticed a discrepancy in my old lenses prescription and made sure the new lenses were perfect.
I would highly recommend you try Ilkeston Factory Specs.

Peter e from Derbyshire

Nice Local review 

14 September 2022

My brother has special needs and has a very complicated prescription,

his lenses are very thick and heavy even though we have paid extra to have them thinned? because my wife had her glasses from here due to problems with high street optician and was absolutely amazed at the results i decided to bring my brother along with his complicated prescription,

well all i can say is THANKYOU!

the changes were instant, reading without effort,walking without checking the floor, not banging into things, the lenses are thinner and he reports that he can see better and that they are the most comfortable glasses he has worn,

my wife had several issues with a well known opticians and has said basically the same!

This chap knows his job, he knew what was causing the issues,

seriously i cant recommend his service enough, wont go anywhere else now


you have to travel, but in the end worth it


price, quality, stock is better than the well known opticians, personal service is amazing he wont rush.

Tony Wilson from Kent

Facebook Sept 2022

Highly recommended. My old lenses [from a crushed pair of spectacles] were refitted in new frames and returned by mail within a week. Absolutely delighted with the fast and friendly service I received.

Mr Wilkinson

Google August 2022

"Called 10 minutes before to see if they could reframe my lenses as the arm on my glasses had snapped off.

They got me in and within the hour they had reframed my lenses and made them look sparkly clean like brand new.

Friendly service and great to deal with. Just keep in mind they only accept cash so make sure you're prepared for that (a walk to Tesco's ATM passes the time while you wait though)".


Nigel Robinson

Google August 2022

Local Guide·156 reviews·244 photos

Politely professional. Offers a wide range of frames and lenses.

Suggest an n appointment.


Chris from Scotland sent us this message


"Hi Shaun, Highly delighted with new frames ,much better than old ones. Fastest delivery I've ever had ,will definitely send you any work I ever need done again. And Specsavers said it was impossible to reframe old lenses ! I will of course recommend you to all my friends and please feel free to include this email in your reviews. Kind Regards, Chris Hill"


Julia Atkinson

Google May 2022

Excellent service, well worth travelling from Bradford to get the designer spectacles I wanted. Sean was very knowledgeable and everything promised has been delivered. I am loving the bling. I would definitely recommend this unique bespoke optical experience.


Jacqueline Eales

Google April 2022

Can't believe I've only just found this place!
Paid the same money as specsavers, got two pair for less than vision express, I will never use any other again, its a complete rip off,
The non brand are even better quality here,
I've had 2pairs of verifocals and can see 100% better than my other verifocals, seriously it took them 1week and as soon as I put them on I couldn't believe the difference, I kept having to go back to vision express, this guy really knows his stuff, you can have proper sturdy designer brands that are made better
They really are a nice couple! And if you like bling look no further, you'd be surprised who gets their glasses here, keep up the good work

Lee Smith

Google March 2022

Just bought another pair of glasses here, the service is second to none, big selection of glasses to choose from and expert advice on hand, no pressure sales just good friendly service and reasonable prices.

Rob S

Google Feb 2022

Very knowledgeable and down to earth staff. Shaun was happy to go out of the way to help and make the experience as smooth as possible, something you don't really see with the usual chains. Will happily recommend their services to anyone looking for them!


Google Feb 2022

Top quality service from the moment I walked through the door.
Don't even consider visiting just do it!
I had two new pairs of lenses fitted into my existing frames after a change in prescription.
Within 7 days they were cleaned, polished and fitted to perfection.
Thanks for your work. I'll be back in the future.

Alison W

Google Nov 2021

Excellent advice and service. I bought a pair of Tiffany glasses a few months ago and had a problem with the arm not sitting right. Sean, the owner, has altered them to be the comfortable glasses ever. I really loved the look of them so was highly delighted that they could be amended, without any extra charge! Fantastic! Can't fault this shop, it's staff or the service. Well done!!

Sophie Pear

Google 15 Nov 2021

I called Ilkeston Factory Specs this morning (a Saturday!) after a bit of a specs emergency and they not only had my high prescription in stock but said they were able to make them the same day! I live an hour away but was happy to travel to Ilkeston and am so glad I did. I explained what I was looking for in a pair of glasses and what I didn’t like. The lady helped me pick a pair of frames that not only suited me but would be the best fit for my higher prescription. The gent who fitted the lenses did an incredible job, taking time to polish the edges of the lenses, fit the glasses properly, and do everything to make them the best pair of glasses I’ve ever had! From walking into the shop to my glasses being finished and ready it was less than an hour. Really lovely people who genuinely want to help and provide a great result. They listen to what you want and explain what the best options are and why. They have a massive choice of frames for all budgets including high designer brands. A completely bespoke service, I felt like a VIP, and my specs cost less than from a big high street shop (plus I had my glasses within the hour!). These guys really know what they’re talking about and after 25 years of wearing glasses I now understand why my previous pairs from Specsavers have been so bad! I will make the journey to Ilkeston Factory Specs in the future every time. Thank you SO much. Support your independent businesses and get a better service


Lorraine Hurst

Google May 2021

(Mick White) As usual top service from these, wouldn't go anywhere else. Needed a repair doing, very prompt to respond to request for this, done the next day, fantastic, very happy indeed! Great customer service.

Andrew Taylor

Google May 2021

had two pairs of glasses in a space of an hour... fantastic service very professional , will go back to factory specs for sure .
Shaun and Jules are great people and make you welcome even
got the kettle on, now you don't get that at spec savers . Top service !!

Steve finch

Google May 2021

Awesome service and customer care. it was a pleasure from start to finish.
I am now the proud owner of a pair of Tom Ford Glasses and cannot recommend this shop more.
Opticians for the modern era!

John Beesley

Google 3rd July 2018

"What a fantastic little shop what a choice and better still a great service.Called there today for some prescription sun glasses within the hour I was wearing them and I got a nice cup of coffee, great service great glasses spot on, you could not do better.Will definitely be back no need to look any where else" .

Tina Mandy Ryan
Google 30th June 2018
"Thanks for helping me to overcome many years of migraine & severe eyestrain. I woke up one day with double vision which was blurred ended up at A&E getting assesed. So I turned up at with my prescription needing an emergency pair of glasses to tide me over for work the owner made me a temporary pair the same day! With intermediate tinted lenses, I told him what I could afford to pay and we did a deal I could have the temporay glasses at the price I could afford on that day {which was not a lot} Because I was going to order my occupational lense glasses from him too. He did me a huge favour on that day & I will not be going anywhere else again for my glasses, which are worth every penny. {spec-savers had wanted me to wait 10 days for a new tinted pair} Thank-you both, I hope everyone who visits your shop realises what a good & fair chap you are. Your expertise has helped me beyond belief, nothing has been too much trouble for either of you. What alovely pic' of you "J" see you soon"...Tina :] x


Lorraine Hurst 

Google 4 June 2018   

"My boyfriend Mick went in and has ordered a fantastic pair of Ray Bans at a great price, staff excellent, would highly recomend"

Dawn Cox 2nd review

Google 1 May 2018· 

"Another fab new pair of specs and another 5 star customer experience today. Can't recommend Ilkeston Factory specs direct highly enough !!!"

andfrom her partner.....Keith toots Stevens

12th May "popped in to get my lovely lady sorted with new specs...outstanding service from start to finish"- with Dawn Cox.

Rachel L Frith

Google 13 February 2018 

Highly recommended, we have been before for glasses here. 100% customer satisfaction, they help you look for frames, makes sure that you pick the right frames for your needs. Brill!!! Had a right laugh as well too. Really good on price too, compared to other opticians, we didn't bother to get a quote from anywhere else because we knew that the price they quote will be such a good one for the glasses that you choose.

Dawn Cox 1st review
Google 19 January 2018 
"Thanks so much for sorting my broken specs today. Can't recommend this place highly enough ... Not only have they sorted my frames for my new prescription, they have reframed my current lenses for free to tide me over til my new ones arrive. All done while I waited so I havent had to struggle without my specs. Customer service here is second to none. Thankyou!!! "

Karen Woolley

Google 28 July 2017 

"I bought swarovski glasses and sunglasses. Absolutely beautiful glasses. The owner of the shop is such a lovely, helpful man. Great staff too. Cheaper than anywhere else. Can't wait to get some"

James wright

Google 20th February 2017

"This place has some serious designer glasses.I have had most designer names in the past but I have never seen so many top brands actually in stock for me to try. Loads more than the other opticians I've been to look at this week, should have just come straight here at this price and choice. Well happy, thanks you guys".

Kelly Leake

Google 7 February 2017

"Had wonderful service here today .After visiting specsavers and leaving with an Idea I wanted rimless (for my first ever pair of glasses aged 46) but not sure what suited me I came here after a recommendation and Sean and his Co worker gave such good personal service and advice that I am collecting 2 pairs of specs on Friday that really do suit me and are trendy and not even rimless. Hubby is that impressed he will follow suit later" 

Ali Marriott 

Google 8th Dec 2016

"Can't tell you how much I ❤️ these!! Had loads of compliments. So easy to wear, really comfy. Think I will find it hard to find another pair I like as much"


Google 30th Nov 2016

"More than 100% happy with my all Specs from you guys:] thank-you so much for taking the time to make me an emergency presciption pair and getting me the exactly correct tinting I needed...No more unnecessary eye strain for me :] You have gained yet another customer for life. No need to go anywhere else anymore..& can't wait to order my prescription sunglasses in the New Year :] x"

Artie Jesson

Google 18th Oct 2016

"I don't pay Rip off prices, I want a good deal, and the best price I can get.The staff gave me the best offer I could not refuse and ended up with three pairs of specs for all events, but only paid what the others wanted for one pair, cant fault them or the place at all".

Joanne Marie Lane‎ 

Google 10 September 2016 

"Well what can I say...... ! Loving the new glasses, hubby can't stop looking at me. Lol.

Most importantly, service was second to none and will recommend highly to friends and family.

Thanks guys. (I can see......!)"

Billy Hufton 

Google 6 July 2016 · 

"Great service and great prices. Bought 6 pairs of glasses and they are all fantastic"



 24th Jun 24 2016

"Great local business staff are very helpful great range off frames and very reasonable price would highly recommend".

John Wallace

Google 19th Jun 2016

"Couldn't help commenting on here. I know use this business and I want stand put my view forward. I have always been happy but never bothered to comment till now, this business is one of the best in Ilkeston, it adds an option to pay less for good quality glasses, I never had course to complain. Although screws do come undone on glasses I've had at other places and this man has always been happy to help whether I brought them there or not, always go there now anyway, good luck to him I recommend him".

June marriatt 

Google 18 Jun 2016

"Went here after friend said how good they where on service and price, picked a really nice pair of versace and a pair of sunglasses, half the price of the quotes I had been given, fast service will be going back when I have my next test, thank you factory specs and my friend".

​Anonymous in Mobile 

 Google 30th Jan 2014

"Pleasant experience all round. Wide varied choice of frames and no complications with the lenses simple and easy to understand, No pushy sales people will definitely go back for my next pair of


anonymous in Mobile 

Google  17 Nov 2013

"Excellent price..choice is by far the best too..i just took my prrscription in and saved over a hundred quid on my opticians prices"

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