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About our 1 Hr Service Instore

Affordable luxury designer glasses at Ilkeston Factory Specs Derbyshire

Speedy 1 hr service Instore - Single Vision Standard Lenses

While you wait glasses and lens service applies to uncoated Single Vision lenses with Sph's up to + or - 4.00 dioptres and opposite Cyl's up to + or - 2.00 dioptres inclusive.
Sometimes you need service quick ! Your Optician needs more time than you've got !
You've broken your only glasses, You want a reglaze into your own frame but have no spare specs while they are sent away, or you only want to make one visit because you have travelled some distance. We can help. We glaze in our laboratory onsite, so can supply, cut and fit most standard uncoated Single Vision lenses into your own or our new frames while you wait. We hold many prescriptions in stock so unless you have an unusual prescription you should be able to call in and get the glasses or lenses made or fitted while you wait. We also reframe your own lenses into one of our new frames while you wait.
Specially coated lenses, react-to-light, anti glare coated, thin and ultra thin high index lenses take just a few days. Varifocal and Bifocal lenses can also be ordered in advance from store if you want to keep your own glasses until we fit your new prescription, we'll call you within a few days and cut and fit your new lenses while you wait instore.


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