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Replace Broken Glasses Frames In-store

how much does it cost to put old lenses in new frames uk

Reframes (just new glasses frames) for Broken Specs In-store
Do you need your own lenses put into new frames?
How much does it cost to put old lenses in to new frames?
We offer a unique replace broken glasses frames service in-store (& online) while you wait with low frame prices. Reframes for broken full, half and fully rimless glasses frames available in-store and online.

In-store: We are happy to replace broken glasses frames with new frames of your choice in-store while you wait. Choose from 100's of Unbranded glasses frame styles with our guidance for existing lens fit suitability,

or book a paid (redeemed) appointment online if you want to replace your glasses frame with a beautiful Designer brand frame (only available with a paid booking in advance). We can cut or fit the shape of your existing lenses while you wait, taking care to set them into a new frame accurately. This service is unique and can be undertook if you have Single Vision, Bifocal, Varifocals, Thinned down, Coated or Uncoated lenses. If you live near enough and perhaps in the Nottingham, Derby or Leicester areas, why not come to us in Ilkeston for our unique service and save the cost of a whole new pair of glasses.

Prices start low through to our Branded Designer reframes (in-store option only). 


Book a free Unbranded Reframe or Paid Designer Reframe appointment.


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Read Some of our "New Frames for Broken Specs" Reviews

Philip F Dode Cahedron

6 reviews

Google 13Th June 2024

I was unable to find anyone locally to swap out my shortsighted lenses into new frames so I recently sent off my glasses to be reframed to IFS. A week later I received them back. I am very happy with the frame IFS selected and would definitely use their services again. Philip F


Paul Harvey

12 reviews

Google 12Th June 2024

This is a very interesting service. Most places where you get glasses require you to have your eyes checked and then order your frames in the store. This often results in two outcomes: you either go to an optometrist that has cheap frames or to a very expensive specialist.xIlkeston offers something very different. You simply need to know your lens prescription. If you have that or even the lenses themselves, they provide exceptional quality frames at very competitive prices. I'm a believer and will use them again.




Google 23rd March 2024

"Such a great service from Shaun and the team…speedy turnaround and great communication and customer support. Highly recommended, Darren, Cardiff ".


Google 11Th March 2024 

"I broke my glasses, but they were quite new and the lenses costly. I went back to where I had bought them, but they were unable to help. Fortunately I came across Ilkeston, and Shaun, who turned things round quickly, and professionally, and were very friendly. They did a great job, and I'm really pleased with the frames they chose on my behalf. I was almost resigned to having to discard my perfectly useable, expensive lenses, but Ilkeston came to my rescue. Thank you".


Google 8th Feb 2024

"Just amazing service. If you have broken a pair of glasses go no further. This company is exemplary in their customer care. Great value and it could not be easier. Simply pack and post the broken pair of glasses and that's it!
You are kept up to date and the new frames will be back in days. Perfect."

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We Also Provide New Frames for Broken Specs Online

We also offer our Reframe "New Frames For Broken Specs" Service Online through the Post. No matter where you live in the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, you can still use our service. We have Customers across the UK from Cornwall to Oban, London and the Home Counties, Cardiff to Liverpool, Newcastle to Birmingham, and everywhere in-between.

Simply place an order with us Online and then send your broken glasses with lenses to our Laboratory (the address is at the bottom of this page), and we'll replace them for glasses frames as closely as possible.

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