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When We Can't Supply

optician checking the eye health of a patient

Unfortunately there are some occasions & circumstances that don't permit us to supply prescription optical goods & prescription lenses by law. This is because we are a Manufacturing Opticians and don't provide eye health checks or eye tests on-site.
The laws and regulations are there to protect patients with eye conditions that need to be checked regularly, and to ensure their eye health is suitably monitored and cared for.

Just as an Optician is obliged to give you a copy of your eye test to use at the spectacle supplier of your choice after an eye test, under the same legislation, there are occasions when as an Optical Manufacturer, we are not permitted to offer prescription services by law.

The current legislation is set up to ensure patients with exceptional eye care needs are seen and monitored regularly by a qualified optician, and that prescription spectacles and lenses are prescribed under the direct supervision of an authorised medical eye care professional.

The regulations are to protect a patient who has more complex needs and requires constant checks at set intervals.

If you are under 16 years of age,

Registered as partially sighted,

Registered with the Eye Hospital or Eye Doctor,

Have a prescription over +/- 10 combined Spherical Dioptres,

Are registered as partially sighted,

Unfortunately we cannot supply prescription glasses or lenses under current UK law.


We're sorry we can't help, but glad your eye health can be monitored as necessary and wish you all the best with your eye health. We can recommend some independent Opticians for great eye care.

Check out this link for recommended Opticians

The good news is, even if you are still a registered eye hospital patient we can still offer some of our non prescription services.

We can still supply non prescription Plano lenses and tints and also "ready reader" type prescriptions like +1.00 +2.00 etc up to +4.00 dioptres without a Cyl measurement.

We can also replace broken glasses frames (reframe your own lenses if your glasses frames are broken). 

In-store orders for prescription lenses - We supply prescription lenses up to Sph's +/-10.00 and Cyl's up to +/-6.00 combined dioptres but not above.

Online orders for prescription lenses - We supply prescription lenses up to Sph's +/-4.00 and Cyl's up to +/-2.00 dioptres but not above - Fees or surcharges apply for orders placed above these powers online so we recommend you contact us before placing an order with us online.

For Online orders of prescription lenses See our T&C's

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