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Nike Flexon Memory Designer Glasses Stockists

Flexible Nike Flexon titanium specs at Ilkeston Factory Specs

We are Eyewear Specialists. Try our Authorised Eyewear with a Great Choice & Service - 1 Styling Consultation in our Reserved Eyewear Boutique Includes all Brand Name Glasses In-store.

So why Nike Flexon and what it can do for you ?

Nike eyewear, know for it's sporty image and robust designer glasses has come up with a great idea. This collaboration between Nike and Flexon, both brands being distributed by Marchon Eyewear, has come up with a superb option, great looking, light weight and durable eyewear for your sporting and everyday glasses  wardrobe. There's more, these glasses are hypo-allergenic meaning they won't react with an acidic skin, fade or loose colour or frame paint or coatings. Nike Flexon glasses sit on the more exotic side of the eyewear choices you'll find, and aren't easily found in the high street, but here at Ilkeston Factory Specs conveniently situated on the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire border, we hold a number of these frames alonside our regular Nike and Flexon brands In-store.

Ilkeston Factory Specs

Beautiful Affordable Eyewear 

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