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Glasses are no longer for "NERDS",

Glasses/specs, goggles, are no longer for nerds, glasses are officially cool, even "HOT" according to the fashion experts, and the fairer sex, in 2017.

Who are you calling 'four eyes'? How men's glasses got stylish Once a necessary evil and signifier of geekiness, glasses have become the most fashionable accessories in menswear. "Four eyes." It is a name that those who grew up wearing glasses may have heard a little too often. However, if he who laughs last laughs loudest, the bespectacled man now has every reason to throw back his head and bellow ‘Mwah-ha-ha!’ at his childhood taunters - glasses are officially cool. How do we know this? Pharrell, for one. The music mogul, so trendy he can turn a ridiculously oversized hat into ‘a thing’, chooses not to wear contact lenses, preferring to decorate his face with chunky, solid frames from designers like Tom Ford (himself a glasses man). And take rapper Tinie Tempah and model David Gandy. Both frequenters of ‘Best Dressed’ lists aplenty and each a London Collections: Men ambassador, they are frequently seen proudly using eyewear to accessorise their outfits. The list - Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt - goes on, putting the school bully firmly in his place. "There has been a clear shift in attitude towards glasses over the last 20 years,”

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