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Broken Rimless Glasses ? Rimless glasses frames replaced online or instore while you wait

Updated: May 15

Ilkeston Factory Specs Laboratory and Boutique store specialises in Bespoke unique rimless glasses. We stock as authorised stockist Designer rimless glasses and also unbranded rimless styles at lower prices. Not only do we sell complete rimless glasses but we also offer a rimless repair service if you have broken rimless glasses. We don't repair badly, we repair properly. To do this we replace the entire frame with a similar looking style instore while you wait or online by return if you send your glasses to us in the post.

Our Lab and store are located at 135 Lower Bath St , Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, UK De7 8as. You can call in or book a reframe appointment free of charge with us online. Alternatively you can send your rimless glasses to us via post and we will reframe them into a new rimless frame and send them back by return. (we use the nearest frames to your own broken existing rimless glasses) You can read more about reframes here on our website or order here for convenience.


Ilkeston Factory Specs

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