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Boutique & Laboratory - Our Story

spectacle  laboratory in Derbyshire

Back in 1991, our founder had an idea. He worked as a technician in an optical laboratory in Birmingham.


Using the skills he had learned, and a small loan later, In 1991 he took the first steps towards making his idea a reality.

A premise was rented in Dudley in West Midlands and from there optical prescription lenses to British and European standards were made, and supplied to opticians practices in the high street.

Very soon, a shop was opened, which sold prescription glasses made to a new prescription direct to customer as well as undertaking wholesale costed work for other Opticians stores.

He could make lenses on the premises, so quickly built a loyal customer base selling discounted glasses direct to the public from the shop, saving customers money compared to usual high street prices.

All the customers had to do was take an eye test there from the optician. The law allowed (as it does today) for this to happen under the Opticians Act 1989 , as it ruled that the prescription after an eye test belonged to the patient not the testing optician, and could be used at the opticians or suppliers of the customers choice. 

Many very successful years later In 2003, we opened a second shop in Ilkeston with a large selection of budget friendly spectacle frames, and all types of lenses being available. Again all the customer had to do was bring along their current prescription after the eye test obtained elsewhere. Savings and a vast choice of unique high quality glasses were awaiting them at great prices.


Again a large loyal following of happy customers has been built based on sensible prices, service and a huge and varied choice of spectacle frames.

In 2007 we purchased the premises from landlords to ensure long term trading in Ilkeston.

The shop has been upgraded and adjoining properties bought and the Laboratory extended. Remaining upper floor properties are rented out to tenants, giving a very cost effective base for the factory.


In 2015 we entered additional new markets, and obtained partnerships with the top Italian designer brand owners and manufacturers. We created a large Boutique style showroom for the public to come to for Designer consultations and receive our other services. A booking system was developed and the Prestige eyewear was to be sold by booked consultation to protect it from casual enquirers and leave it pristine for genuine buyers.

We have accounts as authorised stockists with Luxottica, Safilo, De Rigo, Marchon, Marcolin, Rodenstock and Carl Zeiss.


We now stock many prestige brands of eyewear sold by consultation. We are one of the largest holders of basic budget friendly to Prestige Niche and Designer glasses frames in the midlands area (at affordable prices). We specialise in selling statement designer glasses and high prescription lenses.


Brands such as Ray-Ban, Nike, Swarovski, Porsche Design, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren Polo, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Longchamp, William Morris, Dario Martini Rimless, Oakley, Tiffany, Aspinal of London, Guess, Flexon titanium, Lewis Hamilton and Police glasses are available by consultation within our Boutique.

We also stock authorised William Morris Black Label eyewear as well as Ferucci titanium light weight glasses, Colt, Rip Curl, Joia and visage eyewear.

In 2020, we were still writing the story

We decided to offer Online services on our website as well as in store.

We recently commenced in several online website stores and manufacture from Ilkeston our prescription glasses for our online businesses as well as our Optician clients and our Boutique high street bricks and mortar store.

Our laboratory can offer a 1 hr service on single vision glasses*


We now offer a reglaze glasses (local to Nottingham and Derby) service if you live in the area and can get into store, or offer this service online if you live too far away to visit us in Derbyshire UK. 

Our "reglaze my glasses frames" service instore offers all the measurements taken by our experienced staff if you live in the Nottingham and Derby area, or you can order new lenses online with us and send your frames in the post. 


Our Unique Reframe service is tried and tested and a great lower cost option than complete new glasses (Reframe glasses - your own lenses fitted and cut into our new frames) instore while you wait or online if you need your own lenses put into new frames and want to use our "reframe glasses" service, just send your broken glasses to us in the post.


We now offer ample car parking in Ilkeston with free on road parking immediately outside store and our own free secure private parking to the rear of our owned Laboratory premises.

Just bring in your current prescription (we don't test eyes but we know how to make great glasses).

You can book appointments and free style consultations online with us for top branded designer eyewear and all other services or call into store. 

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