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About our React-to-light Photochromic Prescription Glasses lenses

Updated: May 15

At Ilkeston Factory Specs we offer many different types of lens from single vision to varifocal. This blog post is to give the reader a better understanding of Photochromic (react to sun) lenses

1: We offer Aclimate Brown and Grey photochromic lenses as our basic offering priced at the lower end of the scale and available on most lens types. This lens is manufactured to industry standards and passed to be sold in the Uk and Europe.

2: BEST SELLER - We also offer a quicker reacting and longer lifespan photochromic lens as our best seller called Sunlite.

This is available in Brown and Grey and is competitively priced. Again this lens is manufactured to industry standards and passed to be sold in the Uk and Europe.

3: NEW TO STORE - We also now offer (August 2023) branded photochromic lenses including Transition Gen 8. These lenses come in single vision or varifocal lens form and are manufactured again by Essilor. This is a patented lens and offers superior reaction speed and colour and its lifespan is longer. They are available in Brown/Grey and Green. Transition lenses come at a premium price and sit near the top of photochromic technology. Transition lenses are generally suitable for a wearer who puts supreme quality before price as this type of lens will generally cost more and often around the £300 mark as a varifocal at most opticians.

4: NEW TO STORE - We can also now offer Bespoke Transition lenses. The Transition XTRActive is an Elite Transition lens manufactured by Essilor. It sits at the top end of the technology and offers even darker transitioning, and will even react behind the car windscreen (something other photochromic lenses don't do) due to the xtra layers of uv reactive particles applied by Essilor on manufacture.

Uniquely designed to protect your eyes from the brightest sun outdoors and harsh artificial light indoors. Darker tint - This unique photochromic lens provides remarkable comfort to wearers in the brightest sun and hot conditions. When activated, Transitions XTRActive is our darkest Transitions lens in all conditions. In fact it reaches up to category 2 darkness, and offers full UV protection. Transitions XTRActive lenses block 88% of blue-violet light outdoors and 34% indoors, and are available in Grey/Brown and Graphite Green. This lens is suitable for a wearer where the price isn't an issue, but want a state of the art technology. Unfortunately most opticians will charge around £400 + in Varifocal form for this technology. Adding a quality frame to these lenses can make for an indulgent and expensive purchase. These glasses (with frame) will no doubt head into the £600/£700 territory, so needless to say are sold less often in the market.

We aim to help you make savings on all our lenses. Banded lenses leave us less room to offer savings but we generally manage it. Call into store for more details.


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