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Our Reglaze Bifocals go higher online than single lenses (up to SPH +/-6.00 & opposite CYL +/-4.00 inclusive) and are the perfect solution for those who want to save money by keeping their current frames. Our bifocal lenses are made to industry standards, ensuring that you get the best possible vision correction. You can either call into our store or send your glasses frames to us in the post for a guaranteed price. With 100's of happy customers across the UK, from Scotland, the Midlands, London and Cornwall, you can trust us to reglaze new bifocal lenses for your frames. Choose us for a cost-effective and hassle-free solution to your vision needs.


We now glaze new Bifocal lenses into your own frames. We glaze full rim or semi rimless glasses frames in plastic or metal,  but not rimless glasses. We only glaze fully rimless glasses instore.

Some of our instore products are not available online/prices may differ instore and be lower or higher due to greater choice/options/stronger prescriptions and availability.

We set the bifocal line starting point either as marked by you with a pen before sending in your glasses to be reglazed, or at a standard setting of 5mm below the centre of the lenses in the glasses (which is average) if you prefer. Please read our Terms and conditions before sending frames to us.


Choose from our options, then simply place and pay for your reglaze lenses and send your frame to us in the post or choose the instore option when ordering and call into our Laboratory store when you receive our email (we'll measure you and cut the lenses into your frame while you wait). 

Note : When choosing return postage options -  Choose Click and Collect (free) if your coming into store or standard  signed for return post for frames of little or no real value. Choose Special Delivery insured  return post if you think there is to much value in your frames to loose.



We supply standard Bifocal lenses and coatings with Sph's from 0.00 to +/- 6.00 dioptres and opposite Cyl's up to +/- 4.00 dioptres with or without Prism



We supply all and Non Standard Bifocal lenses and coatings to most prescriptions with or without Prism

Pre order service available Instore

Bifocal lenses can be ordered in advance online if within the powers indicated, if you want to make one journey to store where we will cut and fit the lenses while you wait, alternatively you can come to store, make an order and collect at a later point.


For Online orders simply send us your frames you want us to glaze with your new prescription. We can reglaze your full and half rim glasses but not rimless. Please pick the most suitable type of lenses for your requirements.

React- to - sun light reactive lenses are clear inside and go darker outside. Tinted lenses have a colour that is static. Anti glare coatings are great at reducing glare and are cosmetically pleasing as your lenses become less noticeable, especially if you have a stronger prescription type.. Tough or hard coatings make the lens less likely to micro scratch when cleaning although you still need to take care of your lenses and clean and use them carefully. Note : When choosing return postage options - Choose from  collect from store if youve chosen the instore option in the ordering process, or standard signed for ( available for frames of little or no real value) or you choose Special Delivery insured (up to £100 value) return post if you think there is to much value in the frames to loose

ie: new Designer Frames

Reglaze Bifocals up to SPH +/-6.00 & opposite CYL +/-4.00 inclusive

Declaration: I accept tints if ordered cannot be altered later
    • Bespoke lens item see T&C's

      Your frames are glazed at your own risk if damage or breakage occurs when we glaze them and you agree they are deemed as £0 value when asking us to reglaze them (see our terms of business). Whilst we are experts and will take every care with your frames sometimes accidents can happen (usually older frames or poor quality or faulty frames). We will take all due care when glazing your frames.

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