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Looking to update your prescription lenses but keep your current frames? Our Reglaze Single Vision lenses are the perfect choice. With the ability to accommodate SPH up to +/-4.00 and Opposite CYL up to +/-2.00, these lenses offer exceptional clarity and accuracy. Choose from a range of ultra-thin and coated options, including our popular react to light sun reactive lenses. Our Reglaze my glasses frames service is a cost-effective solution for those looking to upgrade their prescription lenses without purchasing new frames.



We supply wlc standard single vision lenses and coatings with 

Sph's from 0.00 to +/- 4.00 dioptres

and opposite Cyl's up to +/- 2.00 dioptres

at the price indicated with or without Prism to 4 (any direction)


1 hour service available Instore

for 1.5 uncoated lenses up to

4 sph and 2 cyl

Hi index thinned lenses or coated lenses can be ordered in advance if within the power range indictated online, if you want to make one journey to store where we will cut and fit the lenses while you wait, alternatively you can come to store, make an order and collect at a later point.



We supply most prescription single Vision lenses and coatings with most prescriptions even up to and above our online offerings and up to 8 dioptres.


For Online orders simply send us your frames you want us to glaze with your new prescription (making sure your lenses fall within the powers we offer online 4 sph dioptres/2 cyl dioptres). We can reglaze your full and half rim glasses but not rimless. Please pick the most suitable type of  lenses for your requirements.


You'll see there are specific types of lens.

1.6 and 1.67 index lenses are thinner and lighter for strong prescriptions (1.6 best for lenses over 2 dioptres (24% thinner) and 1.67 (30% thinner) for prescriptions over 3 dioptres). React- to - sun light reactive lenses are clear inside and go darker outside. Tinted lenses have a colour that is static. Anti glare coatings are great at reducing glare and are cosmetically pleasing as your lenses become less noticeable, especially if you have a stronger prescription type.. Tough or hard coatings make the lens less likely to micro scratch when cleaning although you still need to take care of your lenses and clean and use them carefully. 

Note : When choosing return postage options -  Choose from standard  signed for ( available for frames of little or no real value) or choose Special Delivery insured (£50) return post if you think there is to much value in your frames to loose. In using this service you accept and value your glasses frames as £0 if lost in forward or return postal delivery and agree not to pursue Ilkeston Factory Specs for recompense of the frame/s

ie: new Designer Frames.

Reglaze Single Vision SPH to +/-4.00 & Opposite CYL to +/-2.00 inclusive

Declaration : My frames have £0 value if lost or damaged
Declaration 2: I accept tints if ordered can't be changed later
  • Your frames are glazed at your own risk if damage or breakage occurs when we glaze them and you agree they are deemed as £0 value when asking us to reglaze them (see our terms of business). Whilst we are experts and will take every care with your frames sometimes accidents can happen (usually older frames or poor quality or faulty frames). We will take all due care when glazing your frames.

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