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Shipped or collect from store with free measurements and fitting made while you wait


Our Reglaze Varifocals offer quality wide band minimum distortion lenses that cater to a range of prescriptions, including SPH's +/- 6.00 and opposite CYL's +/- 4.00 inclusive if you want to buy online. We understand that our customers have varying needs, which is why we offer these lenses at various price points. Additionally, our Reglaze Varifocals are available with react to light transition coatings and all other coatings, including ultra-thin lenses. If you want to save money, you can have your own frames reglazed with these varifocal lenses. Trust our optical laboratory to provide you with great prices and quality products.


For online orders simply make an order, then post your frames to us and we will glaze your new prescription to them or choose the "call into store" option (free of postage) if you'de like to attend store when ready to collect.



We supply Essilor owned laboratory/WLC Varifocals and coatings with Sph's from 0.00 to +/- 6.00 dioptres and opposite Cyl's up to +/- 4.00 dioptres with or without Prism up to 4 with reading adds up to 3 dioptres (prescription powers are calculated from the distance element of your prescription)

React to light options are Sunlight (brand) with hard coating. 



We supply all and Non Standard Essilor/Wlc Varifocals and coatings to most prescriptions with or without Prism.


1 hour service available Instore

Hi index thinned lenses or coated lenses within the indicated range can be ordered in advance online if you want to make one journey to store where we will cut and fit the lenses while you wait, alternatively you can come to store, make an order and collect at a later point.


We can reglaze your own spectacle frames.

We glaze full and half rim glasses online but not rimless glasses

 Please pick the most suitable type of varifocal lenses for your requirements. You'll see there are specific types of lens. Coatings are additional and available to choose.

1.5 cr39 (plastic) standard thickness varifocals come in three qualities. The width of the vision band is what you are paying for. The wider the distance and reading vision bands the less distortion is noticeable on the outside edges of the lenses. The widest band HD lenses have virtually no distortion noticeable to the varifocal wearer. Choose the best quality widest band varifocal lenses that your budget permits.

1.6 plastic varifocals (24% thinner than standard) are a great light weight thinner option.

1.67 (30 % thinner and flatter than standard) index lenses are thinner and lighter for stronger prescriptions and noticeably thinner and flatter. (1.6 best for lenses over 2 dioptres and 1.67 thinnest/ prescriptions over 3 dioptres).

Tinted lenses have a colour that is static. You can pick any colour tint within reason including Yellow/Blue/Green/Pink/Red/Purple/Black and graduated tints dark to light towards the bottom of the lens. Tints not listed, pick the "i'll advise you" option and let us know the colour you want on the cart page in additional notes area at the bottom of your cart.

Anti glare coatings reduce glare when driving and when using devices etc. They also make your lenses less noticeable and more attractive because they dont reflect light back so they are often used for cosmetic purposes and on thinner lenses. Tough or hard coatings make the lens less likely to micro scratch when cleaning although you still need to take care of your lenses and clean and use them carefully. Please use free click and collect if you've chosen the "come into store" option or Standard Postage if your frames are of no value or Special Insured Delivery if you consider they have a value as we cannot take responsibility or pay recompense if they are lost in transit when being returned by us. See our Terms and TOB.

Reglaze Varifocals up to SPH's +/- 6.00 & opposite CYL's +/- 4.00

Declaration: I accept tints if ordered cannot be altered later
    • Bespoke lens item see T&C's

      Your frames are glazed at your own risk if damage or breakage occurs when we glaze them and you agree they are deemed as £0 value when asking us to reglaze them (see our terms of business). Whilst we are experts and will take every care with your frames sometimes accidents can happen (usually older frames or poor quality or faulty frames). We will take all due care when glazing your frames.

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