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Flexon Glasses Nottingham Derby and Leicester stockists.

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Flexon to buy in Nottingham Derby or Leicester
Flexon Bendy Titanium Glasses stockists

Ilkeston Factory Specs Designer Eyewear Boutique is an authorised supplier and seller of Flexon Titanium memory metal prescription glasses and eyewear instore and online. The glasses themselves are known for comfort, being very light weight and non allergenic too. We sell the latest models online not held instore at our Ilkeston factory Specs website and different models at our store located in Ilkeston Derbyshire near Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. If you live close enough within the Derby, Nottingham or Leicester areas you can book a store appointment to try our Flexon glasses instore or choose from the models here online with even bigger discounts.

You can buy our online only offers then when we contact you to let you know the lenses are ready (but not yet cut into the frames) we'll ask you to attend store where we will measure you for perfect lens fitment accuracy and cut and fit the lenses to the frame you've ordered while you wait. This is a service not offered by our competitors online or in the high street. Please remember the online offer frames (or lenses) are not held instore and must be pre ordered by you before the process starts.

Flexon is a brand supplied by Marchon, one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers to the trade of prestige high quality glasses and is the market leader in this technology. We are official authorised retailers and stockists in the Midlands area.

If you would like a pair of high quality titanium glasses that won't react with the skin, fade or tarnish quickly and offer very light weight comfort on your nose, then Flexon is the brand for you.

But what's really impressive about Flexon specs, is that you can bend them double, twist and distort them, and they'll immediately spring back into the original shape without being damaged or kinked. Whilst it's not something we recommend you do, if an accident occurs, or you are a little rough with your glasses on a regular basis, then these glasses are for you.

With a large range of classic styles and colours, and the introduction of some high quality impact resistant plastic trim, Flexon glasses look and feel great.

The latest Flexon glasses available instore or at discounted prices online

Our high street Boutique store is at 135 Lower Bath St Ilkeston Derbyshire England Uk. (discounted online models shown online are online only and not available to try instore)

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