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New and Great things ahead 2021

We're currently scanning the market for fresh new brands to replace some older brands that have become a bit to "ordinary" and not creating the wow factor we want. Two or three niche brands are on the horizon so far for introduction next year. Keep a look out for the very newest and hottest brands taking over the world of Designer Eyewear. #newworldorder#outwiththeold#inwiththenew# besafe#eyewearwithservice

We are sticking with some trusted brands like Oakley, Calvin Klein, Porsche Design, Tom Ford, Longchamp and William Morris amongst others, but are thinking ahead for the introduction of the very latest brands to reach the market in the last few years that are now going from strength to strength. Countries such as Sweden and Denmark are coming up with some great new fresh designs of eyewear made with the highest of quality materials. Titaniums and high grade acetate plastics are the stand out and noticeable quality additions to the manufacturing process. You can feel to the touch the superior qualities of these materials and this is also reflected in the comfort of the products. We'll let you know when each new brand comes in to store. We'll be introducing at least three next year.

Then there will be our continuation of our quality but budget friendly ranges, with glasses starting on the buy one get one free at £40 made while you wait. Keep your eyes on our website and see what's new as and when it arrives.


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