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Porsche Design prescription glasses retailer on the high street

Updated: May 15

Porsche Design prescription glasses follow in the footsteps of the Porsche AG automobiles. Style, performance and innovation are present and obvious in this brand of titanium designer frames.

High-grade materials and sleek designs provide wearers with a durable and luxury product.

If you need help choosing the right pair of Porsche Design prescription glasses to suit your face and style you please feel free to book an appointment at our Boutique store fronting our laboratory Ilkeston Factory Specs.

We stock many styles of Porsche Design glasses frames and fit all type of prescription glasses lenses including varifocal lenses, tints and coatings

As authorised stockists of Porsche Design eyewear our glasses are backed up by brand agents Rodenstock who are the current holders of the Porsche Design license in Europe and the UK.

Featuring ball tec hinge technology and high grade materials such as Polyamide and Titanium Porsche Design glasses are made to last and be super comfortable to wear.


Ilkeston Factory Specs

Beautiful Affordable Eyewear 

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