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So why use Ilkeston Factory Specs for your eyewear needs ?

Firstly, we are experts. Expert and experienced at making glasses in all shapes and sizes, all types, styles and prescriptions. With over 30 years experience our owner and technician will personally go through your requirements with you instore. Nothing to be lost in translation or left to chance. All measurements required to make you the best pair of glasses are taken by us, and all lens and frame options are discussed in length if you need. We sell all lens types from single vision to coated lenses and varifocals, including home brands at great low prices through to Carl Zeiss lenses and Rodenstock lenses for more. One hour while you wait service is also available on many single vision glasses/ next day on coated lenses and a few days for most varifocal lenses/ express service. We also offer reglazes of your own frames and just new frames with your own lenses fitted while you wait too.

Secondly we probably hold the largest stock of designer and budget frame brands for you to try and choose from in the area. We are always being told that our prices like for like are more than competitive compared to high street opticians and specialists opticians.

We don't test eyes, we are an optical laboratory, so making some saving here is passed to you, all you need to do is book a visit/ consultation and come along with your prescription. This should be under 2 years old.

Our styling consultation are enjoyable but also serve the purpose in ensuring you find exactly the right glasses for you in style, colour and fit, and that are suitable for the best possible vision. We also are able to advise on strong prescriptions and make a better job in thinning your lenses and reducing weight. So if you have a strong prescription, we specialise in these type of glasses and lenses.


Ilkeston Factory Specs

Beautiful Affordable Eyewear 

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