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How to Clean spectacle lenses without scratching or damaging them

Updated: May 15

Read about the Proper cleaning methods of your spectacles and spectacle glasses lenses.

Generally all spectacles with coatings are finished in such a way that they can be cleaned with a standard microfibre cloth. We recommend you avoid dry cleaning, instead just clean your spectacles under warm running water with some washing-up liquid and then dry them with a microfibre cloth.

Avoid Scratching your lenses.

Dry cleaning your spectacle lenses is the biggest culprit when lens coatings start to break down in unusually short periods of time.

With dry cleaning the dust particles which are present on the lenses are rubbed into the lens causing scratches and micro abrasion. Scratches also arise from cleaning with coarser fabrics, such as a T-shirt or tissue. Incorrect cleaning should be avoided, as scratches or other damage cannot be removed from cr39 plastic or mineral lenses. Even if the flaw only appears cosmetic, light disperses through the microfine scratches and irritates the eye.

Protecting your lens coatings.

External factors may have negative impacts on the coating of your lenses. Therefore, protect your spectacles against unusually high temperatures above 55 °C and high humidity. Avoid, for example, putting your spectacles down on the dashboard in a car parked in the sun or wearing your spectacles in the sauna. This will cause extra expansion of the lens materials and could over stretch and cause the coatings to fail over a few weeks after this adverse treatment. Furthermore, no solvents (.e.g. alcohol, acetone or other aggressive chemical cleaners) should be used to clean spectacles.

Cleaning your Spectacle frames.

Frames made from leather, wood or horn are not suitable for cleaning in an ultrasonic bath cleaner often used by optical professionals. For regular cleaning of frames made from wood it is recommended to only use water and some mild cleaning agent. Frames made from horn should be rubbed with a thin layer of skin cream and then polished with a soft cloth.

Plastic frames and metal frames can be dipped in a washing up liquid and warm water solution and gently cleaned with the finger tips.


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