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Who sells new glasses frames for my own lenses?

Updated: May 15

At Ilkeston Factory Specs we can save you money on the price of a full new pair of specs.

Broken glasses ? Just need new glasses frames?, still have your own existing lenses that you want fitting? We can replace just the frame with a new one of ours, and fit or cut your existing lenses into it while you wait OR online if you send it to us. This will save you having to buy a whole new pair of glasses and much more expense. If buying online we will use our best judgement in finding a similar frame (as possible) in style and size. We'll send it back to you by return once we have received it, and email you to let you know when to expect it back.

We offer one of the only reframe services in the uk and have customers as far away as London, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall who have told us they have saved money on new glasses and are delighted with the reframes we have provided.


Ilkeston Factory Specs

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