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Non prescription blank lens fitted to your frames after Op

Full Plastic and Metal and Semi Rim Glasses Plano Lens Replacement Service After Op

Our Plano blank lenses start at £15.00 and the cuttting and fitting charges start at £15.00 when we provide plano lens/s

Online price - charges vary in-store.




Our No prescription blank lenses are the perfect solution for those who have recently undergone eye surgery and need a temporary solution while waiting for their prescription to stabilize. These lenses are specifically designed with no prescription and cut to fit your existing glasses frame after an eye operation or cateract surgery. Made with high-quality CR30 plastic optical material and scratch-resistant, ensuring durability, these replacement plano no prescription lenses look like a real lens but without the distraction of a prescription. With our No prescription blank lenses, you can enjoy clear and comfortable vision as you recover from your surgery. Trust in our expertise to provide you with the best post-operative solutions.


How to order this service

1- Choose which lens/Left/Right/Both or coated lenses you require.

2 - Choose the frame type you have/full rim plastic or metal or semi rim.

3 - Declaration - Lenses for cosmetic purposes after op

4 - Submit - Cart Page (no need to tell us your prescription)

5 - Make your order then send your frames in the post to

Ilkeston Factory Specs located at 135 Lower Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, Uk DE78AS.

We'll contact you as soon as they arrive and send them back with your required lenses fitted promptly.





Non prescription blank lens fitted to your frames after Op

Declaration 1: This lens/lenses are for cosmetic purposes only
  • The CR39 plastic glasses lens can be cut (by us) to fit your glasses whatever the shape at a low cost.

    The lens has no prescription and is for cosmetic purposes.

    We cannot guarantee the effect of a plano lens although usually the lens will be more suitable and easier to use than the full prescription lens already in place.

    We offer this service for plastic and metal optical frames with full or semi rimless designs, but not for full rimless glasses.

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